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November 7, 2014

Ian Poulter


SARAH GWYNN:  Ian, thank you for joining us.
IAN POULTER:  Absolute pleasure.
SARAH GWYNN:  Cracking finish out there, just talk us through it if you wouldn't mind.
IAN POULTER:  It was great.  I played very, very solid.  Probably the best I've played all year, which is very exciting.  Only missed a couple of greens.  Was a little frustrating the first 13 holes that I was missing chances, but I took four of the last five, four birdies in the last five holes, chances started to go in at the end, and I'm very happy.

Q.  Can you go into a little more detail about what you did for the last four birdies?
IAN POULTER:  Okay.  Par 5, hit 3‑iron to 15 feet on the fringe, 2‑putt birdie.
15, hit 8‑iron to 12 feet, birdie.
And then hit lob‑wedge into 16 to three feet.
And then hit a pitching wedge into the last to five feet.

Q.  Right now, the current score, you're only down by three against McDowell.  In terms of professional players like you, what kind of scores do you feel when you are separated from the leaders that you feel you might not have a chance?
IAN POULTER:  Wow.  We've got 36 holes to go.  You've got 36 potential birdies.  So three shots is pretty close.  I played with Graeme in the last round last year, and he likes this golf course and played well, and I've had success around here, as well.  So if you're within six shots, then you've got a great chance on Sunday.

Q.  The weather changed pretty much in the middle of the round because it was quite warm when you began, and then after it was cooler but windy.  Did you talk a lot with your caddie to adapt for distance, or is it something you do naturally?
IAN POULTER:  The weather change today, it probably dropped 15 degrees.  It would make not even half a yard of difference.  There is no ball flight difference between the temperature change there at all.  Obviously the wind we calculate how you feel the wind per shot, anyway.  So a 15‑degree drop in temperature really made no difference at all.

Q.  I heard that you recently have changed to some new tools.  Are you adapting to your new tools, and is there any particular irons or drivers or particular tools that you like most?  And how do you feel about the growth of Chinese golfers in the country?
IAN POULTER:  First question, I switched to Titleist FootJoy two weeks ago.  The new equipment's fantastic.  Obviously you know shooting 5‑under today, I'm pretty happy and I think the equipment is working very well.
The new Titleist 2015 ball that I'm using right now, which gets launched next year, but I'm putting it in play.  It's working.  It spins a bit more.  So I've got more control around the greens.  The new driver 915 is working fantastic.  So I'm very happy with all the equipment in my bag.
To answer your second question, obviously seeing the juniors at the end of the range was always fun.  HSBC always have the China Golf Association here every year, and we see more and more kids getting into the game of golf, and their swings are very impressive.
You know, it's always fun to come here to see the growth and the change in the juniors.  So it's very exciting to be able to come out and spend a bit of time with the kids.
SARAH GWYNN:  Thanks, Ian.

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