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October 28, 2014

Lucas Pouille


L. POUILLE /I. Karlovic
6‑1, 6‑4

THE MODERATOR:テつ Questions in French.

Q.テつ You were promised to have a lot of trouble on his serve, but in fact you held your serve a lot better than he held his serve.テつ How do you explain this?
LUKAS POUILLE:テつ I didn't expect a match like this.テつ I wouldn't say it was simple.テつ Of course it was not easy, but the score is quite tough.
From the start I was able to return well.テつ I was able to return his first serves and second serves, so he was under pressure.テつ For him it's not easy to play against a player who returns a lot.テつ He has to serve better.テつ I'm very pleased with that match.

Q.テつ What does this victory mean for you at this point of your career?
LUKAS POUILLE:テつ It means a lot.テつ I'm very happy.テつ This year was quite difficult because I was injured twice for two months.テつ So it was very difficult.テつ In August I had played only four months.
Now I'm happy I'm playing at that level.テつ A few months before, during the past two or three months I played well.テつ I was able to have good results against good players, and I knew I would convert that good game into victories.
This happened here.テつ I'm extremely happy.

Q.テつ What about your next match?
LUKAS POUILLE:テつ Well, he's a great player.テつ He has a lot of talent.テつ He plays at a very high level, and I expect a very tough match.テつ But I feel good physically, and my tennis is at a good level, so I will try everything I can to win.

Q.テつ Can you talk about this Court No. 1?テつ Do you like that court?テつ Is it a strange court?
LUKAS POUILLE:テつ I'm not going to say I don't like that court.テつ It would be too much.テつ But I played well during those three matches that I won.テつ But it's indoors.テつ It's closed.テつ I understand that some players don't like it, but I like the noise when you hit the ball on your racquet.
The crowd is very close.テつ The crowd was behind me from the start.テつ It was nice.テつ I personally like that court.テつ Other players don't like it as much, but I do.

Q.テつ Maybe you were asked the question, but how did you feel against Karlovic?テつ You know that in Basel he had pushed Federer, so...
LUKAS POUILLE:テつ I know.テつ I watched a part of that match before I played.テつ I knew he was fit before coming here.テつ I knew he had played a good tournament in Basel.テつ I saw the interview of Federer saying that Karlovic served incredible, so I knew the match would be tough.
I really thought I would be served aces a lot more, but I don't know what happened to him.テつ Maybe it was not a good day for his serve, but I played well from the start to the end on his first and second serve.

Q.テつ Were you able to read his serve?
LUKAS POUILLE:テつ Yes, I could guess when I saw him toss the ball where he was going to serve, so this is why I didn't miss many first serves or I didn't get aced too much.テつ I was able to anticipate and to return his serve.

Q.テつ About Fognini.テつ We know he's a very special player.テつ He talks a lot.テつ He's tricky sometimes.テつ He's tricky.テつ What do you think?テつ Will you have to stay very focused?テつ Is it going to be difficult?
LUKAS POUILLE:テつ Yes, it's going to be difficult to stay focused.テつ He can do whatever he wants.テつ I will just concentrate on my game and continue what I am doing.テつ I hope the crowd will be behind me.
People talk a lot about him, but he's still a top 15‑seeded player here, so he plays well.テつ Whatever he can do, I know the match will be difficult, and I'm going to prepare the best I can.

Q.テつ So as you said, you had two injuries this season.テつ When did you believe things were going to get better?
LUKAS POUILLE:テつ It's when I played against Montanes in a challenger in Poland.テつ I was able to win 7‑6 on clay in the third set.テつ He's a good player on clay.
That was only my second tournament after I started playing again and I was able to play a good match and to fight until the end.
These victories in the third set are very good for your confidence, so I felt a lot better after that.テつ Thanks to that match, I was able to play well again.

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