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November 2, 2014

Justin Rose


JUSTIN ROSE:  Definitely the back nine, I felt that there was some very, very strong holes out there, and the wind seemed to really pick up the last hour and a half of play, too.  To be honest, playing from 13 onwards, it was hang on for dear life.  The only hole you really had a chance to make birdie was 15.
For me, I think it was a close but no cigar kind of day.  Around the turn I had it going, and then 3‑putted the 9th green from a really good‑looking second shot in there.  Momentum‑wise, just felt difficult from that point.  Like I said birdies were hard to come by because of the wind.

Q.  Presumably there was that excitement knowing that you were right in the mix when you thought it had come back to you a little bit and you had progressed at the same time.
JUSTIN ROSE:  Surprised how much I was in the mix really on the 17th green.  Obviously they made a couple bogeys which I haven't noticed and I hit a good 3‑iron in there and I felt like if I made that putt at 17, I was right in the tournament.
And as it happened, if I would have made the putt on 18, I was right in the tournament.  The two leaders were having a hard time finishing it off on 18.  But 18 was a number I was looking at trying to get to and it might well end up being 16.  But just shows how tough it was coming down the stretch.

Q.  Take it this is good preparation for next week, you don't want to be battered every single day, but good score, good result and good fight?
JUSTIN ROSE:  Yeah, exactly.  It was a good fight.  The week started off terribly for me being 4‑over through four and just really hung in well.  So I'm proud to have any sort of chance coming up 18, I would have taken that Thursday.  So sometimes you need to look at the big picture.  Did a lot of things really well this week and excited about next week.

Q.  Are you able to take that little bit of down time before you get going again?
JUSTIN ROSE:  Yeah, BMW have been very generous and gave us a room in the city for tonight and tomorrow night.  They have been great sponsors this week and everybody has worked through the rain and everything very, very well.  It's nice to have a good finish and exciting finish to the tournament.
BMW do so much for us as a Tour and it's fun that it's come down to a nail‑biting finish here.  A couple days downtime in Shanghai itself and then get back to golf.

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