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November 2, 2014

Angelo Que


Q. 2‑under for today.テつ Happy with the result?
ANGELO QUE:テつ No, not happy.
Of course I'm happy.テつ Always shooting under par on the weekend is always a great way to go.テつ I finished top 10.テつ My goal was to finish somewhere around there or even higher.テつ I did it.テつ I'm very proud of myself, very happy.テつ Everybody back home supported me.テつ I have a lot of Tweets and messages from Facebook.テつ They were all behind me, and a few of my friends were here, as well.テつ So very happy, very glad.
You know, I can't ask for more.テつ This is what it is.

Q.テつ Reflect on the week.テつ What worked for you all during the week?
ANGELO QUE:テつ I think a little bit of everything.テつ Driving, iron shots, short game, putting, and the way I was thinking on the course.テつ For the first time probably in my life I'm the least nervous this week.テつ I did still feel nervous a few holes, but I think I was pretty stable out there where I handled myself pretty good.

Q.テつ Any reason why?
ANGELO QUE:テつ I think I'm playing with a lot of confidence right now, trusting myself.テつ It's always trust issues, you know.テつ If you trust yourself more, I think you'll tend to do better.

Q.テつ And this gets you into the next PGA TOUR event, a big decision for you to make.
ANGELO QUE:テつ Actually I only found out on the last hole when I was talking to Cam Smith and I was telling him I just want to finish top 10, and he said, well, you can get into the next event in the States, and I'm like, are you serious.テつ And as soon as we got in, that's what they said.テつ It's so true.テつ Now I have to let my wife know, so I guess I won't be home again.

Q.テつ This result here puts you way up on the Order of Merit, as well.テつ It gives you a chance to just challenge for you do you reckon?
ANGELO QUE:テつ I think so.テつ I think I have a good chance of challenging people now.テつ I was wondering what the difference is between those guys on top, between me and them.テつ I think I know now.テつ I've realized it, that you just need some good breaks, learn from other people, and just trust yourself.テつ I think that's the key, and I've been doing it the past few weeks, so hopefully it just keeps on going.

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