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November 2, 2014

Nicholas Fung


NICHOLAS FUNG:テつ Good finish on the last round.テつ I'm so happy that at least I can shoot under par on this golf course.テつ Nice day yesterday after I come back for the (indiscernible).テつ Being up today, that's the way I want to play, so yeah, everything good for me.テつ Just play a bit‑‑ I miss a couple of putts, yeah.

Q.テつ Were you still using the old grip?
NICHOLAS FUNG:テつ Yeah, still using same putting style, same stroke, same thinking.テつ My thinking actually is quite good.テつ Just line reading, just misjudge a little bit.テつ That's it, yeah.

Q.テつ How would you sum up your week so far this week?
NICHOLAS FUNG:テつ Yeah, of course it's a good opportunity for our Malaysian players to get in to play this golf, of course to build confidence to play maybe the next event or our future, and also a good experience for our Malaysian boys to compete with such big stars here.テつ A lot of things, yeah.

Q.テつ You still finished on top of some very big Asian Tour and PGA TOUR names in terms of your finishes.テつ You still finished on top of them.テつ Do you think there's a big difference in terms of standard between yourself and then, or are you almost there do you think?
NICHOLAS FUNG:テつ I think still a little gap.テつ I hit shots compared to them, yeah, they can hit it long, maybe like 10 yards, 15 yards further than me, so what I need to improve is try to gain some distance, and of course my putting needs to be improved.

Q.テつ Some goals that you have until the end of the Asian Tour season?
NICHOLAS FUNG:テつ Yeah, of course.テつ I try to win one Asian Tour.テつ The next one in Chiang Mai, going back to one of my favorite courses after that point to Indonesia, also one of my favorites, so hopefully I can win one.テつ That's my target for this year.

Q.テつ Your putting this year has been a bit up and down.テつ Is that something you're worried about?
NICHOLAS FUNG:テつ I try to don't think so much about putting.テつ For now just follow the same routine, follow the basic, easiest for me to putt.

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