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November 1, 2014

Marcel Siem


MARCEL SIEM:  No bogeys is always nice.  Quite happy, 7‑under, if somebody would have told me that before this week I would have taken it for sure.  So I'm really happy.

Q.  Reading between the lines, do you think it should have been lower to give you even more of a chance?
MARCEL SIEM:  Yeah, 15 and 16 are two great chances, and I think tomorrow morning, they would have been in, because they would have taken the breaks.  They didn't take the breaks, unfortunately, and 18 took less break, so I learned on those two putts and went in.
I think I'm 2‑under or 3‑under on the par 5s only and you see the other guys, they make all the score on those par 5s, so I missed out a few there.  Like I said, if you would have told me that before this week I would have taken it.

Q.  I know it's about birdies every week, but in this one, you really have to keep making them, don't you, just to stay involved?
MARCEL SIEM:  Yeah, it's all about putting.  I think Wentworth was the only week where I actually putted as well as this week.  So I'm really pleased.  I found something which gets me a pretty stable stroke, and really happy about that.

Q.  What did you find, or would it baffle us?
MARCEL SIEM:  It's my little secret.

Q.  Is it something between the ears or is it something technical?
MARCEL SIEM:  It's technical.  It's my weight, I was always too far right.  But that's all I'll say (laughter).

Q.  What are your thoughts into the final round, what's necessary?
MARCEL SIEM:  Don't know.  I just want to work as tidy as I worked the last three rounds and then we see Alex is going totally bananas Portugal and here.  I have a little private gamble with him every round, stroke play and I think I chose the wrong opponent there.  But it's crazy when you're 17‑under par and you lose every round against him.  Yesterday, I tied.
But it's good for him.  He's a great lad and he's playing unbelievable golf at the moment.  Tough to beat him and I'll try my best tomorrow, we will see.

Q.  How long has this bet been going?  How much do you owe him?
MARCEL SIEM:  It's 200 Euros each round, so I lost two rounds at Portugal, the first round here, 600.  Yesterday I tied, today I lost again I think, so 800 Euros.

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