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November 1, 2014

Angelo Que


Q.テつ Got off to a really, really hot start there.
ANGELO QUE:テつ Yeah, I birdied four of the first five holes.テつ It was pretty good, and then bogeyed the 6th, and then birdied 10th, and then I bogeyed the 14th.テつ All in all I'm very happy.テつ I played pretty solid, actually.
The greens got kind of slow after the delay, pretty much every putt that I hit was‑‑ I left it short.

Q.テつ The hot start just give you a bit of momentum?
ANGELO QUE:テつ Yeah, of course.テつ You know, you always want to start like that, especially in the third or final round.テつ It gives you the confidence and the charge to go even lower.

Q.テつ And then after that you kind of just struggled.テつ What happened out there?
ANGELO QUE:テつ I didn't really struggle.テつ It's just‑‑ I just miss‑hit drive on the sixth hole and got a bad lie, and I hit it short where, you know, missing it short is a no‑no.テつ I made bogey there, and then got it back to 4‑under again after 10; and then 14th hole, I just pulled my tee shot.テつ I was going for the green.テつ I pulled it a bit and was a bit unlucky.テつ I was plugged in the hazard, so I can't drop it.テつ If it was just maybe eight inches further, I would be outside the hazard where I could drop it.テつ Unfortunately that happened, and I missed the short putt.
Those are just two holes where I really messed up, but hitting wise I'm very happy with the way I'll hitting, and especially putting.テつ The putting has been working for me.

Q.テつ And overall still in position to be in for the last days.
ANGELO QUE:テつ Yeah.テつ You know, if every day I finish 12 or 13‑under, five shots here, you know, if you got it going, you can pretty much birdie every hole, and hot streak tomorrow may change everything.

Q.テつ What's your expectations for tomorrow?
ANGELO QUE:テつ My goal is still the same, just to shoot under par.テつ Anything more than that is, you know, I'll accept it; I'm happy with it.
I'll keep it simple.テつ Not going to try hard to shoot low.テつ I'm just going to keep playing the way I'm playing because I'm making a lot of birdies, so I'll just keep doing that, and hopefully, you know, with a little bit of luck I'll go really low.

Q.テつ And you seem to be getting more confident on the golf course.
ANGELO QUE:テつ Yeah.テつ Actually, I am.テつ Getting more comfortable with the way I play, especially under pressure.テつ Used to be different, like under pressure I try so hard, you know, just to force shots or to do well.テつ But all I have to do is just do what I'm doing, you know.テつ With no pressure I can play well.テつ So it's just a matter of thinking.

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