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October 31, 2014

Marcel Siem


MARCEL SIEM:  Yes, I'm very pleased.  It was a bit easier today.  A few tee boxes were forward and the wind just got up at last few holes.  Yeah, really pleased.  Just made one bogey on a par 5.  That didn't help, otherwise it was pretty good.

Q.  You looked like you got off to a flying start, as well?
MARCEL SIEM:  Yeah, it was nice.  I didn't think about too much things this morning.  Just went out there.  Looked horrible when we woke up this morning.  I thought we were not going to play and good job for the greenkeepers who were able to play.  The course was in perfect conditions, and yeah, I'd say we got off to a quick start and very pleased.

Q.  Turned out to be a good day weather‑wise and the course looks almost there for the taking.  Probably an exaggeration but there's plenty of opportunities.
MARCEL SIEM:  Yeah, it plays quite easy.  For me I play well, it looks quite easy and I was expecting better scores to be honest.  I thought everybody was 8‑, 9‑, 10‑under.  Now it looks like 5‑under is 15, so it's not that easy.  Greens could be a little quicker.  Would help, I think to hole more putts but great conditions for the circumstances.

Q.  Are you feeling the benefit of your length off the tee?
MARCEL SIEM:  Yeah, definitely.  I didn't make anything out of it on the par 5s unfortunately in two days.  But it helps a lot for the par 4s and the par3s to have a few short irons and not 5‑ and 4‑irons.

Q.  That's not going to get in your head, is it, that you haven't made much on the par 5s?
MARCEL SIEM:  A little bit.  I think the whole year like this, the last few years, I should play the par 5s as par 4s.  Can always reach them and hit a poor second shot.  Yeah, we'll be all right.

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