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October 31, 2014

Thomas Bjorn


THOMAS BJÖRN:  Yeah, I got an awful start to be honest.  Missed a very short birdie putt on the first and tried to swing my way up the third and made 8 there.  Wasn't the start I was looking for.
But also made a couple of good shots and kind of got a little bit happier in the head and then just went crazy for a few holes.  It was nice to do that when you get off to that start.  Yeah, it was eventful.

Q.  Happy in the head, birdie after birdie, after birdie and chipping in at the last.
THOMAS BJÖRN:  Yeah, why not.  You have days like that where all of a sudden, it just all starts going your way and that was my day today, really.  I would like to play the first three again.

Q.  I imagine you were pretty down on yourself at that time, despite telling yourself to be patient.
THOMAS BJÖRN:  Yeah, I haven't played any golf since The Ryder Cup.  So four weeks away from tournament golf, I kind of knew coming in here that it was maybe not going to be the easiest.  So that's part of it.  I've had my three bad holes now, and try and work from there.
But there's a lot of good stuff in there and I'll try to keep going.  And making those birdies on 7, 8, 9 settles things down and then started working my way back into the tournament ask, and had that great finish to the round.  That was a different 67.

Q.  You side stepped the Match Play, as well, citing a back problem, was it?
THOMAS BJÖRN:  I've had a really bad neck pretty much since The Ryder Cup.  Bad in my shoulders leading all the way into The Ryder Cup really, but kind of kept that quiet and kept going, and then the body just after that week, just couldn't keep up with it anymore.  And then the Match Play wasn't to be.  I literally could not get out of bed for three days.  It's just one of those things, getting a bit older now.
We were very lucky today.  Everybody was talking about Armageddon today and we played in perfect conditions.  A bit lucky today and I guess you get days like that.

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