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October 31, 2014

Kevin Streelman


Q.テつ Not a bad couple days.
KEVIN STREELMAN:テつ Yeah.テつ Good start.テつ You know, it's kind of fun getting here and feeling good with the putter and the short game and just getting in position where you know you're going to make the cut; and just go out, stay aggressive and just see what happens.
I really enjoy the golf course.テつ I'm driving it well and putting it really well, and keep attacking this weekend.

Q.テつ Great start to the season, runner‑up finish the last time you played; right?
KEVIN STREELMAN:テつ Yeah, I played great in Vegas, especially the weekend.テつ I made a putter switch there, that's really made some dividends for me this far, and just continued confidence in the progress I've made and just want to continue to improve each day.

Q.テつ Any details on the putter switch?
KEVIN STREELMAN:テつ Nothing much.テつ Just back to a putter I used when I was a kid.

Q.テつ How long ago?
KEVIN STREELMAN:テつ It's been a few years.テつ I always had it close to my heart, but yeah, just one of those.テつ I'm sure I'll go back to my other one at another point, but right now it feels really good.

Q.テつ It's the one club you guys never get rid of, isn't it?
KEVIN STREELMAN:テつ Yeah, can't mess around with those putters.

Q.テつ You hang onto those things.テつ Does it have a name?
KEVIN STREELMAN:テつ No, I tend to ‑‑ it's funny, I kind of collect Scotty Camerons, and I'm like really careful with those, but I have this old Odyssey 2‑ball that I just beat up constantly, and that's the one I end up putting the best with.テつ You can't have too much respect for your putter.テつ You gotta kind of keep it in its place.

Q.テつ Where have you been keeping it these last few years?テつ Under your bed or ‑‑
KEVIN STREELMAN:テつ I got a little putting studio in my basement.テつ I always know where it is.

Q.テつ So your belief must be growing.テつ Finished second last week and you're in that position again.テつ Is this the best you've been playing do you think?
KEVIN STREELMAN:テつ I think it's the best my short game's been.テつ My ball striking is getting there, but my coach and I are getting really close to it taking off.
I expect it to kind of be early next season, but hey, if it happens this week or next, that's even better.

Q.テつ Is there anything in particular this putter does better, like it helps you on your short putts, long putts?
KEVIN STREELMAN:テつ I tend to putt really good inside of ten feet with it, yeah.テつ But I think sometimes you just need a fresh look as a golfer, as we all know.テつ I just kind of picked it up, said, wow, that felt really good, and threw it in Friday morning at Vegas and shot 18‑under in three rounds there, so it's been pretty close ever since.

Q.テつ It's funny Sergio switched grips before this week.テつ The putters in particular, is there something, every now and then you just need to freshen up?
KEVIN STREELMAN:テつ Yeah, you just need to freshen up, exactly.テつ I think irons and wedges and even driver you just want the same consistency that you know the look of, the loft lies gotta be all right, but the putter sometimes you pick it up, and yeah, it feels pretty good and you go out and make everything.

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