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October 31, 2014

Ryan Moore


Q.テつ Disappointing bogey, but could round nonetheless?
RYAN MOORE:テつ Yeah.テつ It was an overall good day until I went back out there, I missed an 8‑footer for birdie on 17 and then 3‑putt there because I thought the greens were way slower, but apparently they weren't.
So yeah, but overall I'm in good position after two days.テつ I played good solid rounds of golf, and just gotta keep doing that.

Q.テつ Good vibes here?
RYAN MOORE:テつ Yeah.テつ Yeah.テつ It's a place obviously I feel pretty good on it.テつ I got a pretty simple approach to how I play the course and I just keep doing it over and over again, and it seems to keep working.

Q.テつ When you say you came back out, you allowed too much.テつ You thought it would be damper or softer than it was?
RYAN MOORE:テつ No.テつ The first putt I hit was super slow, straight down the hill and just had complete loss of speed.テつ Yeah, that second one there on 18 I thought‑‑ yeah, you just didn't think it would be that fast.

Q.テつ What is it about this course that you enjoy?テつ It suits you.
RYAN MOORE:テつ Yeah.テつ It's a position golf course.テつ It's not one you can overpower with length, so I feel like it makes‑‑ you know, I'm not one of the longer guys on TOUR.テつ I get it out there enough, but I feel like it makes a lot of guys kind of have to hit it in the places I would normally be hitting it kind of thing, so we play from a lot of the same spots.テつ I mean you can try and take advantage of it with length, but it will bite you pretty quick if you do that.テつ Like I said, I hit a lot of 3‑woods, even 3‑woods on some par‑5s, and it's just so important to be in the fairways.

Q.テつ Is it just coming here do you think that has picked you up this week or was there something else over the past weeks or something you've been working on?
RYAN MOORE:テつ You know, I'm always practicing, always working on stuff.テつ I've actually felt pretty good about my game.テつ I just putted absolutely terrible in Vegas the last time I played.テつ Just sad.テつ I mean that's on pretty much my home golf course I play all the time and I just couldn't‑‑ I don't know, it's just one of those tournaments where I got it going the wrong way and couldn't get it back and couldn't make putts.
So yeah, I've got some good practice since I've been over here and feels good.

Q.テつ If you can stay in contention tomorrow, do you think having experience of having won here before is going to help you or is that going to make any difference?
RYAN MOORE:テつ Well, it always helps.テつ Winning and being comfortable and familiar with a golf course definitely makes a difference.テつ You know, in the end you just gotta go play better than everybody else, though and that's how it works.

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