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October 31, 2014

Sy Noh


Q.テつ Sy, you must be happy with that 69.
SY NOH:テつ Pretty good round, but you know, just a few silly mistakes.テつ Start with three‑putt and then make a good birdie after that and then birdied 10.テつ And then missed a birdie and par back nine, make two bogey, and missed 16, 17 and 18 missed the birdie putts.

Q.テつ Are the greens a bit tricky this week for some of the guys out there?
SY NOH:テつ Yeah.テつ When I played here a few years ago, really firm and fast, and this week, I don't know why, I think just heavy rain.テつ So really all the ground is soft, and then slow, firm greens.テつ So a little more grain.

Q.テつ Of course, you have a lot of good memories out here, yeah?
SY NOH:テつ Yeah.

Q.テつ From the time you won back here in 2010 and becoming to the Asian tour to today, how have you seen your career growing?
SY NOH:テつ Getting more bigger career, and then you know, feel very comfortable on this course, and then you know, swing is pretty well, plus putt pretty well, too.テつ Few missed putts, lot of short putts, but still playing good, and just three shots behind.テつ So really exciting for the weekend.

Q.テつ What is it about this course you think suits your game?
SY NOH:テつ A lot of different other courses, but I think very good advantage for the long hitter for the par‑5s here.テつ So I make six birdies on the par‑5 last two days, and then just a few make birdie or bogey on par‑3 or par‑4.テつ So I think very important make birdie or eagle on par‑5.テつ That's the key to this course.

Q.テつ How much does experience count for you?テつ You've played this course more than other players.テつ Is that an advantage or once they play two, three rounds, they're up where you are?
SY NOH:テつ No, when I won here, I just play first time.テつ So that's not big deal.

Q.テつ So no advantage?
SY NOH:テつ No.テつ Just a little bit, but you know, when I won here, I was playing first time.

Q.テつ What about winning the Zurich.テつ How much belief did that give you that you could perform like that?
SY NOH:テつ Just a lot, a lot of experience, and then you know, how can make a win I know.テつ And then after that I get a lot of confidence, and then I get a win‑‑ another good chance for D.C. two months later, after Zurich.テつ But get‑‑ playing pretty well front nine, but back nine is pretty bad, because I think at that time I think confidence is too much, too much confidence.テつ So like too much aggressive playing.テつ So I think playing, if you are playing good, just like not a high, not a low.

Q.テつ You started out your career on the Asian Tour as a 16, 17‑year‑old, how much has those years on the Asian Tour, the three, four years that you played here, how much does this help to make you what you are today?
SY NOH:テつ You know, if not playing Asian Tour, I just play Korean National Team member and just play amateur game, amateur tournament.テつ Not much experience.
And then when I turn pro, I'm just rookie, and then like other Korean players make saying everyone is like playing good, like I know.
So when I turned pro player with other guys, like other pro, I had a good, like lot learning from my golf game, like course management or even playing like shape shot, because before, when I amateur, I just play one shape of shot, but when I turn pro, I get learning because you see the pro playing shape shot every shot, so just following them, and the game is a lot better.

Q.テつ Where do you see your career going from now?テつ Are you thinking about winning majors now?テつ Are you thinking about Olympics now?テつ What's in your mind these days?
SY NOH:テつ No.テつ Just looking for next two years, because first thing, President's Cup next year in Korea.テつ So that's the one thing.テつ And the next thing is make Olympic in Korea, and just make‑‑ try and make gold medal, any medal, and then playing‑‑ I think if I play those two things, maybe getting to the top 50 or maybe go hopefully win a major or any tournament, something like that.テつ Hopefully get into the top 50.

Q.テつ Are you still required to go for military service?
SY NOH:テつ Yes.

Q.テつ By what age?
SY NOH:テつ Normally 21, 22.

Q.テつ Okay.テつ You've managed to extend it?
SY NOH:テつ Yeah, a little extended now because 14 university.

Q.テつ What year are you now in uni?
SY NOH:テつ Last year.

Q.テつ Last year already.テつ Is that an exemption from you if you win something?
SY NOH:テつ Only two things, Asian Games gold medal, and Olympic any medal, but just playing amateur Asian games.テつ So just one thing, Olympics.

Q.テつ That's why you want to win a medal?
SY NOH:テつ It is.

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