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October 31, 2014

Danielle Kang


Q.テつ Your second hole‑in‑one in as many weeks, another car, what's that like?
DANIELLE KANG:テつ It's pretty awesome.テつ I was standing there and just like all screamed.テつ Jody and I were talking about how first week you get a congratulations, second week everyone is just going to yell at you.

Q.テつ Take us through the actual shot.テつ I heard it was a 7‑iron?
DANIELLE KANG:テつ Yeah, it was a 7‑iron.テつ I was managing‑‑ I was actually thinking about a hole‑in‑one, because I've been touching that car, I really wanted the car.テつ It was a right‑to‑left.
So I wanted to aim a little right of it but then I caught it okay, and then it hit the fringe, like the collar, and it just kicked straight in and just rolled, tracked all the way into the hole.

Q.テつ What did your playing partners say when they knew it was your second one in a row?
DANIELLE KANG:テつ There was some swear words in there.テつ It was pretty awesome.テつ My friend, Lizette, was in the back, and everyone was saying:テつ "Are you kidding me?テつ Again?テつ Another car?"テつ And everyone is saying they wanted the car.テつ It's an Audi 6, I was like, okay, that's pretty awesome.

Q.テつ And what are the plans for the two cars that you just won?
DANIELLE KANG:テつ You know what, I think this car is for my brother, so we'll see.テつ I think I've got to take this one.

Q.テつ Your brother is here this week?

Q.テつ What does that mean to you to have him here?
DANIELLE KANG:テつ It means the world to me.テつ I love seeing him out here.テつ I love that he just follows and he loves watching.テつ Yeah, it's so much fun when he's here, because he's completely opposite of me and he's really relaxed.テつ So we go to massage and stuff like that.テつ It's fun to have him out here.

Q. テつYou put together a pretty good round on top of the ace, and put yourself in a little bit better position heading into the weekend.テつ What's why you are approach going into that?
DANIELLE KANG:テつ Well, me and my friend, Cole, have an aggressive play during the whole week, throughout the next two days, I'm still going to attack the pins like I usually do and hope for a hole‑out.

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