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October 30, 2014

Jeff Overton


Q.テつ Great opening round, 4‑under.テつ Just your overall thoughts?
JEFF OVERTON:テつ Yeah, I mean I hit it really good, hit a lot of good putts, had it really going early, and then stopped making the putts, and it was‑‑ hit a bad shot or two, and really close.
I mean it could have been 10‑under, could have been even, you know.テつ That's just kind of how this game goes.
It was a fun round and it was good to get a little confidence going, and always like coming here to Malaysia to play and looking forward to the weekend.

Q.テつ Are you more happy that it wasn't even or disappointed that it wasn't 10‑under?
JEFF OVERTON:テつ I mean it's just how this game is.テつ I really hit the ball really well today.
It would have been nice to have gotten a couple more out of the round, and then the little rain delay picked up and caught the front end of it and hit a little bogey and then little bad swing coming right out of the gates from it.テつ So that was really the only two bad shots I really hit all day.
But whatever, it's golf, and you know, it's a fun golf course, so go out there and hopefully shoot something low again tomorrow.

Q.テつ You're one of the guys here that's been knocking on the door for a tournament win.テつ Do you think of all places Malaysia could be it?
JEFF OVERTON:テつ Yeah.テつ Did really well here a few years ago, finished second here.テつ I've placed like top 20 it seems like every year.テつ You know anytime you're doing that you're somewhat close.
Yeah, you know, it's so hot here, you don't even think about what you're shooting, you're just out there trying to survive, trying to get done.テつ It's almost good for your mentality when you just think like that.

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