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October 30, 2014

Davis Love III


Q.  I know you didn't get to see the whole golf course, but you still played really well today.
DAVIS LOVE III:  Yeah.  I only got to play two holes, so I didn't see much of it, but yeah, except for a couple of holes I was a little tentative on some shots and not real sure what to do.  I made some bad swings, but all in all you take 4‑under if you haven't ever seen the course before, so I'm pretty happy with it.

Q.  Then you got in obviously a little late coming over from McGladrey.  How are you feeling coming in today after the first round?
DAVIS LOVE III:  I feel fine.  I don't feel real good about a couple of those tee shots I hit.  Physically, mentally I'm great.  I'm relaxed now.  The pressure is off of last week and all the excitement.  Somebody else is cleaning up the mess, and I can go play.
I don't know if I'd have had two practice rounds if I'd have done any better or not.  Again, all in all it was a good start, no matter what.

Q.  What were you hitting off the tee, and maybe‑‑
DAVIS LOVE III:  You know, the holes that got me were some of the ones where you had to really kind of make a decision on.  Well, some of them, like 18 I didn't know what to do and I hit a drive and hit it way down there down the middle.  Then it turned out I really didn't need to hit driver because it just plugged and couldn't go for it anyway.
But like 12, a little indecisive, decided to hit driver, didn't make a good swing at it, hit in the rough and made bogey.  I hit a bad tee shot off of 14, but got away with it.  Some of those holes are just weird.  You're hitting a 4‑iron, you don't know how far‑‑ you've never seen a ball fly down there, so you don't know what it's going to do.
If the guys hit away of me, like on 16, I watched both of those guys hit because I bogeyed 15.  I watched both of them hit, so I knew what to do.  So that helped, but it'll be better tomorrow.  I'll have a little more confidence in what to hit off the tee at least.

Q.  Talk us through that eagle.  Were you satisfied with that?
DAVIS LOVE III:  That was another one, 10, I didn't know ‑‑ I'd seen guys laying up off the tee, and I'd seen guys hitting driver, but just decided might as well go ahead and hit a driver and hit a real good drive and hit 3‑iron and luckily made a putt, about a 20‑footer.

Q.  You said yesterday you're looking forward to playing a lot more golf, see how close you can get back to your best.  When you play a round like this, you must think you're not far away.
DAVIS LOVE III:  Yeah, I'm not far off.  I'm hitting the ball well.  It's more just scoring and confidence, trusting if I just get up and hit it, it's going to go in the right place.
You know, and I was off for a couple of years.  I wasn't playing well, and I was physically wasn't ready to play with my injury, and then trying to come back from that injury, I think my confidence was just not there 18 holes a day.  It's there about 14.  So if I can just keep working on that and doing positive.
You know, playing in a tournament like this where you know you got four rounds, and you know, you're hitting the ball well, you can be a little bit more patient, so hopefully this will be a good week.

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