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October 29, 2014

Ian Poulter


Q.  What are your thoughts coming back to BMW Masters in China?
IAN POULTER:  Well, it's great.  It's always nice.  I've got a decent record here in Asia.  I played very strong the back end of last year.  I've played well on this golf course in the past, so looking forward to getting going.

Q.  This golf course, you had a victory chance in the past.
IAN POULTER:  Yeah, I've been close.  I like the layout.  I like the way it looks.  If the weather holds off for us and is kind, then it's going to be a great week.

Q.  Looking a bit miserable, though, presuming that changes the may fewer of it?
IAN POULTER:  The forecast next week is beautiful but it's a little wet this week.  So we'll have to take it as it comes and see how we go.

Q.  I know you're used to traveling around the world.  Are you already on the time zone?
IAN POULTER:  Yeah, I've been here for a few days.  I was in China for five days last week.  Opened a golf course with Justin which was great fun.  Had a little match‑play competition with him yesterday on our Back Nine course at Mission Hills.  He managed to beat me 3 & 2.  Would be nice if I can go 1‑up on him this week.

Q.  Nice to have that other string to your bow, isn't it?
IAN POULTER:  It's great.  It's been an exciting project.  It's been fun, the design aspect, and Justin and I are very proud of how it's worked out.

Q.  Are you enjoying the fact that golf has developed so much since we were first coming to China?
IAN POULTER:  It's grown immensely, more and more golf courses are being designed.  The Chinese Golf Association have done a fantastic job with their programme.  Obviously the Olympics is coming up for them, so obviously they want a strong show.  And we get to play every year more and more with the Chinese players; they are getting better and better, and their swings are good, and that's very encouraging for this market.

Q.  I know there's attention on you wherever you play, but do you enjoy the attention you get in China in particular?
IAN POULTER:  I like it.  It's great.  As I said, the success over here obviously means that I've got a good following, and hopefully that may long continue.

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