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October 28, 2014

Guan Tianlang


Q.テつ You just had your 16th birthday.テつ Did you do anything special?
GUAN TIANLANG:テつ Nothing much, because I think I had a pretty good weekend in Melbourne, playing pretty well.テつ On Saturday night it was my birthday.テつ Actually the tournament had the gala dinner, so I went there and finished around 8:30 and went to another restaurant and had just a little party.テつ It was pretty fun.

Q.テつ And then last week, how did you finish?

Q.テつ So that's really good.
GUAN TIANLANG:テつ I thought that I played really solid golf last week.テつ But the champion just played awesome, so I think I didn't win but I had a good week.

Q.テつ Take us through your outing at the Masters.テつ How was it the entire week, the feeling?テつ You were, what, 14 then?
GUAN TIANLANG:テつ Yes.テつ I was there like a couple weeks before the Masters to get prepared.テつ I was excited and I was looking forward to the tournament.テつ It's incredible how different on Sunday and on Monday.テつ The Sunday before, it was like nobody out there, it's calm, and then Monday, everybody comes in.テつ So it was pretty special.テつ Throughout the week, I felt really good, playing great.

Q.テつ For your age, you've achieved quite a bit.テつ So how do you keep yourself grounded?
GUAN TIANLANG:テつ Because I think like tournaments like this, I play with one of the like world's best players, so I know how much I still have to do.テつ I mean, I'm pretty good I think but I still have to do a lot to be get to this level.

Q.テつ Is there a temptation to turn professional?
GUAN TIANLANG:テつ Not in these couple years I think.テつ For sure not this year, not next year.

Q.テつ So what are your plans for the coming season?
GUAN TIANLANG:テつ I play this, and then I have a couple weeks off, maybe playing‑‑ maybe thinking about playing one or two PGA China tour, just play a couple more.テつ Then starting next year, I'll probably go to U.S., have maybe a couple month's break, and then not sure what's the tournament plans yet.

Q.テつ Can you talk a little bit about the PGA TOUR China, and the fact that there is a tour now in China that leads to the Web.com and ultimately the PGA TOUR?
GUAN TIANLANG:テつ I think that's really good, especially for China and all those players from Asia and then some Australians, too.テつ It's really good tournaments, too.テつ The level is not this high, not this hard, but I think it's really similar to the PGA TOUR, like how it runs.テつ So I think it's really good.

Q.テつ How did you get into golf?テつ What age did you start?
GUAN TIANLANG:テつ My parents both play, so at first I just followed them when I was like four or five.テつ Just starting to follow them to have fun around the course.

Q.テつ When did you start playing, what age?
GUAN TIANLANG:テつ Like five, I started to play and then eight or nine, then started taking it serious.

Q.テつ Do you have a favorite club?
GUAN TIANLANG:テつ I'm not sure but usually my putt error driver.テつ I change it often.

Q.テつ Players have a club they use to fix their swing or groove something they are working on.テつ Do you have a specific club on the range that you use to do stuff like that?
GUAN TIANLANG:テつ Not right now.テつ Right now I'm feeling pretty good, so not right now.

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