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October 27, 2014

Bruce Bochy


Q.  There's been a lot of focus on the Kansas City bullpen, but would it be fair to say your bullpen, the vast majority of the time, has been exactly what you needed?
BRUCE BOCHY:¬† Oh, it really has, all year.¬† Our bullpen has done a great job in the postseason.¬† We do things a little different how we work our bullpen.¬† Not quite as structured.¬† But when you look at the guys down there, Casilla, Romo, our left‑handers Affeldt and Lopez, they give you some weapons that you use at different times.¬† Machi, who hasn't had the greatest postseason, he was really nails all year.¬† And he helped us a lot down there.
This bullpen has really been steady, consistent, and I think the reason why we got to the postseason.

Q.  We saw a lot of players had their kids with them.  Was this the first trip with kids this postseason?  What was that plane ride like?
BRUCE BOCHY:  No, once we get to the World Series we allow families to come, kids.  So the first time we came in here, kids were on the plane, too.  But we have, I know, a couple other planes coming out, but most of those are employees.  But it's a big plane.  There is plenty of room.  So players have their normal space that they are accustomed to, and some of them brought their kids.
It's a big moment.  You work hard to get here, and you want the families to share their success and enjoy this, too.

Q.¬† Knowing you're rested as a staff.¬† Madison went the distance for you.¬† You have Machi, you have Vogelsong, you have Petit.¬† How will you look to manage in Game 6 if Jake stumbles a little early, knowing that you have a lot of trust in him to figure it out, but at the same time, it's sort of an all‑hands‑on‑deck situation?
BRUCE BOCHY:  Well, I do think we have coverage, if we need it.  Hopefully that's not the case, but the bullpen is well rested.  We had a couple of guys that I thought needed a break because we pushed them pretty good at that last home series.
All the guys you just mentioned, Petit, Timmy, they're all fresh, ready to go.  We did get Timmy up quite a bit.  Petit threw three innings, but they were efficient innings and the rest of them.  Then you get to this point where if you need to use a Vogey or something, he could help you out.

Q.  Bruce, the staff has walked only six batters all postseason.  To what do you attribute that to?
BRUCE BOCHY:  Well, that's throwing strikes, commanding the ball.  They've done a good job with that all year.  You want to stay away from the walks.  They're like base hits.  Try to pitch to contact, and our guys do that and they do a nice job of it.  The last thing you want is to start putting guys on base through walks or whatever, and any staff will tell you that.
I mean, when we started the season, that is an area we wanted to continue to get better at, and stay away from the walks.

Q.  Last night you said you knew Madison was going to make himself available for tomorrow.  Is he available for tomorrow?  And are you going to have to fight the temptation of saying, yeah, why not just put him out there?
BRUCE BOCHY:  Oh, I'm sure he's going to say he's okay to go.  In fact, tomorrow, there are times when he's taken his bullpen on that day.  That's who he is.  He's going to say, "Hey, if you need me at any point tomorrow, please use me."  He's done that before.  He really bounces back well, and we wouldn't ask him to do a lot, but if I needed to get an out or something, I'm sure he'll say he's available.

Q.  I know it's not easy getting here, but you're on the verge of one more victory and you have another championship.  Does this one seem that it's been harder or easier than 2010 or 2012 to this point?
BRUCE BOCHY:¬† I don't know how it could be harder than '12, if you're looking at the World Series itself.¬† But the road to get here, I mean, we really had our backs to the wall in '12.¬† As far as the Series itself, yeah, both teams are similar, I think.¬† Well‑balanced teams, teams that can do the little things.¬† Good pitching on both sides, good bullpens on both sides.¬† So the Series itself, sure, I think that's fair to say.
I think when I look at '10 and '12, we just got on the roll in the Series.  But these guys were on a roll and they're playing well.  So I don't think this has surprised anybody that we're going to Game 6 right now.

Q.  Knowing how well Jake pitched the last game after settling down, what do you expect from him tomorrow?
BRUCE BOCHY:  Well, just to go out and be himself.  If he does that, he'll keep us in the game.  He'll give us a chance to win.  Since he's come over here, he's done such a terrific job.
And I've said this, we wouldn't be here without him.  We lost Matt Cain and we needed some help, and he really stepped up and filled that void.  So we don't want Jake to try to do any more than what he normally does, especially since he's been over here with us, because he's thrown the ball very well.
And you're right, he gets settled in and became more Jake in his last start.  So hopefully he's on top of his game and has all his pitches working and he's hitting spots.

Q.  When you came to San Francisco in '07, did you anticipate this kind of success?  I mean, you've won two World Series and you're on the brink of one win from winning a third.
BRUCE BOCHY:  Well, you're certainly hoping for success and getting your team or helping get your team to the World Series.  Now for us to be here three times in five years, I don't know if anybody would say that's my dream because of how hard it is to get here.  But to get to postseason, yeah.
When I came up here, Brian and I, we knew we had to change some things.  The team was getting a little bit older.  We wanted to get a little more on the pitching and defensive side instead of trying to slug it with the other club, and that works more in our division with the ballparks.
But to answer your question, I mean, these guys have amazed me on what they have accomplished.  I've had a good group.  I've been fortunate with the drafts and the players we've gotten here, from all the help from Brian to John Baer, Dick Tidrow bringing in the type of players that have made this possible.

Q.  You clinched in 2010 in Texas, you clinched in 2012 in Detroit.  If you're going to do it, obviously you'll clinch here.  Obviously you want the four wins, but is there something to clinching on the road?  Is there a way you have to approach it when you know you're one win away from a championship?
BRUCE BOCHY:  No, I don't think you change anything.  We didn't in '10.  We didn't in '12, and we just went out there and played the game.  As I said, I've got a good group here.  They're not going to change anything.  They're not going to put any added pressure on themselves.  They've been through so much with their history in the postseason and the World Series.
So I don't know what you change.  Hopefully you get good pitching, you get the timely hitting, that never changes.  So I don't know or don't plan to have these guys try to do anything different tomorrow.

Q.  Are you planning the same lineup as Game 2 against Ventura or might you look to go even to Perez?
BRUCE BOCHY:  Well, we're talking about that now.  There is a good chance we could go with the same lineup, but Juan Perez is playing very well.  So we're talking about that as I'm doing this or discussing it.  We'll finish it when I get back in there.

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