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October 26, 2014

Cara Black

Sania Mirza


6‑1, 6‑0

THE MODERATOR:テつ Questions, please.

Q.テつ Congratulations.テつ After the great escape yesterday, did you decide it was much more straightforward just to race to the finish line?
SANIA MIRZA:テつ Yeah, that the plan even yesterday, but it didn't work so well.テつ No, I mean, two matches we've been begun match point.
To come back‑‑ I mean, when we won that first match, honestly we were both almost were like, Okay, maybe that's a sign.テつ Maybe we're going to win it, you know, like.
No, it was great.テつ We saved the best for the last.テつ I think today was our best match.テつ We've played together I think almost all year.テつ One of our best match at least, and one of our best matches we played against them.
CARA BLACK:テつ As Sania said, one of our best matches we've played against them.テつ And coming out knowing their record and finals, we knew we had to be really focused.テつ We had a game plan, and I think we really executed it well.
So that was the real key for us today.

Q.テつ 6‑1, 6‑Love.テつ You couldn't have expected that.テつ How do you account for that?テつ Did you play that well or were they below their best?
CARA BLACK:テつ I think it was a bit of both.テつ I think we started really well and that put the pressure on them.
Yeah, they didn't‑‑ especially Peng Shuai, I think that's not the best match she's played against us.テつ She usually serves a lot more, you know, consistently, a lot more power.テつ It's always been tough to break her.
But we came out and didn't give them any free points.テつ I thinkit's the first time we also played them on a bit of a faster surface, which helped us I think as well.

Q.テつ So the fall has been very, very, very good overall.テつ Why?テつ Did you change things up?テつ What happened there?
CARA BLACK:テつ Oh, with our partnership?テつ I'm just slowing down a little bit.テつ I'm getting old.
No, I think Sania is in the prime of her career at the moment, and I just said to her at the US Open that I'm not too sure what I'm going to do next year and how much I'm going to play.
I'm just struggling with my body a little bit.テつ You know, there has been some matches where I haven't been able to recover for the next day.テつ Just, yeah, so to be fair to Sania, I think it was fair for her to tell her to find somebody.テつ I think she's found a great partner.テつ I wish them all the best.

Q.テつ When are you going to decide?テつ In the next weeks?テつ Months?テつ What's important here?

Q.テつ Obviously the last three months or so have been pretty good.
CARA BLACK:テつ No, it's been fantastic.テつ You know, traveling with a baby as is not easy.テつ It's very tiring and I feel it's taken a lot out of me.テつ All same I've enjoyed it, but it has been very stressful at times.
Yeah, I just want to wind down a little bit and see where the next step takes me.テつ I'm not making the decision now, but maybe over the next few months.

Q.テつ Just on that, Sania, when you were told that news, I mean, what was your reaction?テつ How difficult was it?
SANIA MIRZA:テつ I mean, first of all, she told me that news right after I won the mixed at the US Open, like half and hour off after that, so I had a few feelings going on at that point.
No, I have to respect it.テつ I've learned so much from her.テつ She's a great champion.テつ As athletes, we need to accept things change and things end.
But I think we started off winning two of the biggest tournaments of the year in Beijing Tokyo last year.
And to end this way, we couldn't have asked for a better start or end.テつ It kind of sums up our partnership.テつ But I've also found a great friend in her.テつ Almost like an older sister to me.テつ I'm the oldest in my family, so I learned a lot from her on and off the court.
Yeah, whether we play together or not‑‑ maybe we will hopefully one day; who knows; she keeps making these comebacks ‑‑ but our friendship will be on forever.

Q.テつ Sania, played pretty well overall this year.テつ Singles next year?
SANIA MIRZA:テつ He never gives up.テつ I wish I could say yes, too.テつ Actually one of the reasons that I did stop playing‑‑ I mean, "the" main reasonable was my body after three surgeries.テつ It was not like I had one surgery and I was like, Okay, let me bag this and let me just play doubles because I knew I was good at it.
I made a comeback, got to top 30 almost every time, and just after the third surgery my body just wouldn't recover.テつ I had to make the decision a couple years ago, and it was probably the toughest decision of my life.
You know, it was very, very hard for me to make that decision.テつ Because I still miss it, believe it or not.テつ I still practice singles when I'm home.テつ Like just obviously in limited quantities because I don't want to hurt myself.
Yeah, I miss it a lot.テつ I always knew it wasn't about ability, it was more about my body.テつ Sometimes you got to listen to nature, you know.
But this just proves that it was the right decision for me.テつ I feel like I'm playing really well.テつ I had to readjust my goals and have new goals, and one of them was obviously to try and win slam, in doubles try and get to No. 1 and obviously try and win the WTA Championships.
Achieved one of those goals, and I'm close enough close enough to being No. 1 now.テつ Yeah, in hindsight it was the right decision.テつ But, no.テつ My answer is no, I won't be making a comeback in singles.

Q.テつ On tonight, Serena and the younger one, who wins that?
SANIA MIRZA:テつ Who wins that?テつ I tell you, it won't be love and 2 I think.テつ No, I think Serena is playing a bit better now over the course of the week.テつ I think yesterday's match should have given her a lot of confidence, because Caroline was playing really, really well, probably the best in the whole lot.テつ At least I felt that way.
And Simona has been playing pretty well.テつ But I think it'll be a tough match.
I think Serena in the end.テつ My call.

Q.テつ Go ahead.
CARA BLACK:テつ I'm going to go with Halep.テつ Not 0‑2, but yeah, it's just I think going to be a question of nerves.テつ She's definitely had are very consistent week.テつ I think the conditions really suit her.テつ She's obviously loving the surface.
Serena has, yeah, had a struggle, but she always fights and never gives up.テつ But I'm going to go with Halep.

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