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October 25, 2014

Russell Henley


Q.テつ 2‑under, 68.テつ Thought you could have gotten more out of it.テつ You had so many putts that were right at the edge.テつ Do you feel the same way?
RUSSELL HENLEY:テつ Yeah, I do.テつ I hit it great today.テつ It was warm, so the ball was going a little bit farther, so it was definitely gettable.
You know, I had a couple of putts I really thought I made right on the edge, and a couple of putts I just misread and didn't really hit a good putt on top of that.
You know, that doesn't surprise me.テつ You know, you shoot 63 Friday, and it feels like it's just so easy, and I've had days like this where you hit good putts and they don't go in.テつ It's just golf.

Q.テつ You're still in good shape.テつ You're right there and obviously hitting the ball really, really well.
RUSSELL HENLEY:テつ Yeah, I'm hitting it well.テつ I feel really confident with the driver.テつ Like I said, the new vapor driver from Nike is what I just changed to, and I've never hit my driver better, so it's good getting the ball in the fairway this week.テつ I hope I can do it one more day.

Q.テつ I know you're tucking that left hand in your belt in the back and really doing a lot of practice strokes with just the right hand.テつ Has that been the key in your putting strokes?
RUSSELL HENLEY:テつ I've always kind of done that with just my right hand.テつ I feel like it helps me with my rhythm and just lets me feel the weight of the putter head, but other than that, I'm doing it just because I feel like I'm waiting every shot.

Q.テつ Do you prefer coming from behind?
RUSSELL HENLEY:テつ I prefer to be as ahead as many as I possibly can.テつ But I haven't played in five weeks, tournament in five weeks.テつ Last time was the TOUR championship, so this is kind of not really expected for me to be this close to the lead.テつ I'm just going to try to enjoy it.

Q.テつ You're able to card a 68 on Saturday.テつ What do you take away from your round?
RUSSELL HENLEY:テつ I hit the ball off the tee great, hit a lot of fairways and gave myself a lot of chances today.テつ I definitely didn't capitalize.テつ I came close to making a lot of putts, but going out there with the lead and shoot 68, I definitely could have been better, but I'm not too disappointed.

Q.テつ What was it like playing with your college roommate and teammate, Brian Harman.
RUSSELL HENLEY:テつ It's great.テつ Me and Harman have a great relationship.テつ I get along with him great, and I always look forward to playing with other Dawgs.

Q.テつ You're just a stroke back going into Sunday.テつ You've won before on TOUR.テつ What's your mindset?
RUSSELL HENLEY:テつ I mean I've been just having fun, enjoying myself so far.テつ I've played this course a bunch of times before this tournament, and feel comfortable out there, so I'm just going to try to keep doing what I'm doing.テつ Hopefully a couple more putts will fall in more.

Q.テつ And lastly, I know last night to relax you were jamming out a little with buddies.テつ What's on tap for you tonight to kind of mellow out?
RUSSELL HENLEY:テつ Probably just go get some dinner with some friends.テつ My family‑‑ my brother is in town, his fiancテδゥ, and I've got some friends here, so just get some dinner with them and hang out.テつ If they want me to play guitar, I will.テつ I like playing.

Q.テつ Seemed like there was a new leader just about every hole.
RUSSELL HENLEY:テつ Yeah, I wasn't aware of it.テつ You know, at that point there's so much golf to be played, and I was just really focusing on sticking to my game plan, just trying to hit fairways and just trying to give myself good birdie putts, putting the ball on the right side of the hole.テつ That's important out here.テつ I knew if I did that, then I could maybe have a decent chance going into tomorrow.

Q.テつ You mentioned that you didn't feel like you were quite comfortable with the putter.
RUSSELL HENLEY:テつ Well, you know, it wasn't that I didn't feel like I was comfortable.テつ I felt like I hit some good putts.テつ They just weren't going in like they were yesterday.テつ I hit a lot of greens, so it made it seem like I wasn't putting well, but I'm pretty confident with it.

Q.テつ You've lived in this area for a year, or you used to live here for a year and you've played this course a lot.テつ How do you feel like that experience is going to help you going into tomorrow?
RUSSELL HENLEY:テつ It's going to help a lot.テつ You know, I'm just comfortable down here.テつ This is where I grew up, kind of going on vacation with family.テつ I got all my family here, a bunch of friends here, and I always like for them to come out and watch.テつ It makes me happy and just to keep things in perspective for me.

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