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October 25, 2014

Andrew Putnam


Q.テつ Another 66.
ANDREW PUTNAM:テつ It's true, yeah.テつ It was a good day out there.テつ Wind wasn't blowing very much, and the greens were rolling true like they have been, and made a couple putts.テつ Just had one bad swing.テつ Besides that it was a really good round.

Q.テつ The greens have been tough here.テつ Were they a little slower today?テつ It seems like a lot of guys are coming up short on them.
ANDREW PUTNAM:テつ Yeah, I know I left a few short.テつ I was just a little bit tentative, I think.テつ But I think they're pretty much the same speed.テつ They put these pins in tricky spots earlier, into the grain, over the grain, down the grain, so it's hard to get too aggressive.

Q.テつ You had a pretty good week last week as well.テつ What do you credit for your success this part of the year?
ANDREW PUTNAM:テつ I'm just trying to get better, play better.テつ I didn't finish the year like I wanted on the Web.com Tour, and felt like I was moving in the right direction, so yeah, I've been playing pretty solid a lot the first three months.

Q.テつ How are the nerves coming into the weekend?
ANDREW PUTNAM:テつ I mean, there's always nerves.テつ There's nerves on whatever stage you're at, so just going to have to deal with them and try to learn how to like playing with pressure.

Q.テつ Good luck tomorrow.テつ Andrew, 4‑under today to make a little charge up the leaderboard.テつ Tell us what you did well today.
ANDREW PUTNAM:テつ I didn't make too many mistakes.テつ I just had one bad swing where I hit it in the hazard and made a double.テつ Besides that I scored pretty good.テつ I had a chip‑in eagle and made a couple good birdie putts.

Q.テつ We talk to guys about this a lot, but how important is it for you as a Web.com player to get off to a good start during this part of year?
ANDREW PUTNAM:テつ Yeah, from what everyone tells me, it's pretty important.テつ I haven't been through it; seen my brother go through it, so I kind of know how important it is.
You know, you can't really control that stuff.テつ You just gotta go out and play your best and see where everything stacks up after the fall.

Q.テつ What do you have to do tomorrow and what is it about this golf course that you feel like might agree with you enough to put up a number tomorrow that could put you on top of that leaderboard?
ANDREW PUTNAM:テつ You know, you don't have to hit too many drivers out here.テつ I hit my 3‑wood pretty far, so just kind of keeping it in play and hitting greens.テつ And I putted pretty good, so I feel like that helps me out on this course.テつ These greens are pretty tough, and it's hard to gauge your speed with the grain out here, but doing a good job this week.

Q.テつ With golf in the family and having a brother who, like you said, has gone through this, is there any piece of advice or something that maybe you refer to or refer back to that helps you along the way during your journey?
ANDREW PUTNAM:テつ Well, just watching him do it the last five to seven years has helped me just knowing what to expect.テつ Felt like I'm pretty prepared coming out here, versus some of the other rookies, and yeah, it's awesome to have another brother playing on the PGA TOUR.

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