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February 3, 2006

Anders Hansen


RODDY WILLIAMS: 63, low round of the week so far, you must be delighted after the day.

ANDERS HANSEN: Very delighted. I played nicely today and I played well yesterday as well. The putts didn't drop but today they all seemed to go in. On the back side for some reason I hit it to spots where it was so easy to read the putts for me this time, I could see the lines and just felt like I could make the putts, and they went in.

RODDY WILLIAMS: Nice lead at the moment, so looking good for the next two days, I presume.

ANDERS HANSEN: Yeah, it's always nice going into the weekend leading the tournament. If I can keep playing as well as I have the first two days, and just make a few putts, I should be in pretty good shape.

RODDY WILLIAMS: But no birdie on the last. Were you tempted to go for the green in two? Talk us through the hole.

ANDERS HANSEN: I had 185 front and the ball was all right. It was a decent lie, but we were in between clubs and one club was too much and the other club was probably going to be too little and over the green was not good.

So while I was very tempted, my caddie would not let me do it. One of those things, sometimes you have to listen to him. At the time I don't know what was the smart thing, but I was only thinking one thing: I wanted to go for the pin and have a chance for the eagle, but we didn't.

Can't think about what happened. You've got to go forward from here please.

Q. Was it a matter of confidence for you today then?

ANDERS HANSEN: Yeah, sometimes I get in these modes where I just feel for it, I feel for the game and I feel for the shots. It seemed like from every shot, I felt for the shot, I felt for the club and I felt I could hit the distances and I felt I could hit the putts, as I said.

So, yeah, the confidence, that is confident. I don't really know what exactly I was even laughing, grinning on 14 and my caddie asked me why and I wouldn't tell him. I just felt I couldn't go wrong. That feeling is such a good feeling. I wish I could have that every day.

Q. Are you looking forward to playing with Tiger tomorrow, and have you played with him before in any round?

ANDERS HANSEN: I haven't played with him and I do hope I get to play with him. It will be a great experience to play with him. So, yeah, I really hope that happens.

Q. Have you felt you should have won more often after winning the PGA and maybe taken your game up to another level?

ANDERS HANSEN: That's again, thinking about the past but I can comment on that. Yeah, I should have won more often, but the way things have worked out it, just happened that I didn't.

Yeah, I'm a bit disappointed after winning such a big tournament and playing so well coming into it that I have not been able to capitalize on that sort of confidence during the last past three years.

Q. What would have been your longest putt today?

ANDERS HANSEN: I don't think I made anything outside 15 feet. But, I made a few of those. (Laughing). There was quite a few of those 15 footers going in.

I didn't make really, really long putts. It was just 15 footers which just rolled in.

Q. Can you describe when you said you laughed at 14, what shot did you just hit?

ANDERS HANSEN: Walking up I had like 145 to the pin and the pin was tucked left. I just felt, you know, hitting a 9 iron in, I thought it was a perfect 9 iron. I had to take a little bit off it, but a pretty good 9 iron.

I felt for the shot and hit a really good shot to about ten feet. I didn't make the putt, but still, I walked I just felt that walking up to that shot that I couldn't go wrong. I hit a good shot and that feeling was great.

Q. Slightly awkward question, but a Dane in the Middle East, how do you carry on from there?

ANDERS HANSEN: It's a sad issue. It's a funny situation. What can I say? You know, I leave it to the politicians to discuss this matter. I play golf, I'm not a politician, so basically I have no comment other than I think it's a sad issue.

Q. Do you feel any extra pressure playing here at the moment because of it? It certainly doesn't seem it in the golf.

ANDERS HANSEN: No, I don't feel the pressure. Hopefully there's going to be no issue over the weekend and I don't think there will, because, you know, we are all human beings and I didn't I didn't do anything, other than being from Denmark. As I said, I can't really say anything else other than I think it's a very sad issue and it's very sad when you wake up in the morning and first thing you see in the newspaper is Denmark being on the front page. It will be nice for golf for something good to happen, but unfortunately in this situation, it's not.

Q. It's going to be Denmark on the back pages tomorrow for your golf. I mean, 63 is some score. What did you have for lunch before you went out there today?

ANDERS HANSEN: I didn't have any lunch. I normally just have a big breakfast and just eat a lot of bananas out there.

Q. And why is it that you feel so comfortable this week, do you think? Any particular reason?

ANDERS HANSEN: You know, I played two weeks down here. I didn't really play that great the first two weeks. It was very mediocre. But the last round last week, I felt I played really well. I thought I took that confidence into it week and I felt great from the get go, except that I bogeyed the first hole. But other than that, yes, I've felt good.

Q. Can you beat Tiger Woods this weekend then?

ANDERS HANSEN: I'll tell you on Sunday.

RODDY WILLIAMS: Anders, thanks very much.

End of FastScripts.

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