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October 24, 2014

Justin Walters


JUSTIN WALTERS:テつ It's been a long, long year, long season.テつ I kind of went into the week hoping to have something to take into the rest of the year knowing that top 5 finish is not undoable, but it's not something to bank on.
I was hoping to bring a little form with me or something to kind of grapple on to take to Q‑School, or even end of the year down in South Africa.
Yesterday wasn't very positive, I have to be honest.テつ But today, 16 greens.テつ Just hit a few lip‑outs.テつ Just didn't kind of drop.
Takeaway from today, yes, it's positive.テつ I just think most of all my brain a little bit tired of golf.テつ I think I need a bit of time off.テつ If I have to look at it hard, started of the Challenge Tour three years ago and played full Sunshine and Challenge Tour season.
Went into my first year on the European Tour feeling like I had to play everything, and I did.テつ Managed to get through nicely at the end.
Then played a full summer in South Africa after that.テつ Shoulder gave out in April as a result.テつ I think if I have the opportunity to be back on this tour full time I would definitely schedule things better.
I know you learn the most when you're away and things aren't going well.テつ I have learned a lot, so I guess my thoughts are if I can play like I did today and get the opportunity that I had this year, I would do a better job the next time.

Q.テつ You actually sound very reasoned and matter of fact about things; not too emotional.
JUSTIN WALTERS:テつ I'm trying to work on that.テつ At the end of the day it's just a game.テつ There are so many things that are more important.テつ If the game is going to make me feel like I did a few months ago it's not really worth doing.
It's really worth going off to something else.テつ So you got to look at it and just say, Well, I'm trying hard, working at it hard and working on the right things.テつ If it doesn't work, then so be it.テつ I think I had to go through a lot to get to that.
So to keep my sanity, I hope it does turn soon.テつ I haven't got any give‑up in me, so we'll go and do it again.

Q.テつ In your situation there are plenty of positives.テつ Not only from today's round, but there are so many Sunshine Tour events and opportunities out there.
JUSTIN WALTERS:テつ Yes, there is.テつ You don't want to rely on that because that puts a lot of pressure going into your home events.
But it's certainly there, the opportunities are there.テつ I've always wanted to keep onto my Sunshine Tour card as a backup, so I always have that.テつ I've enjoyed my time on this tour, and I would like to stay out here.

Q.テつ So now a little down time and Q‑school and reassess?
JUSTIN WALTERS:テつ I think I'm going to take the family on a little vacation next week.テつ Just get away and try and look at the ‑‑ try and just get away from the game a little bit.テつ Go down to Greece for a little while and spend a few days there and try and get the head ready for Q‑School.
Something I really didn't want to go back to, but I'm there and I'll go and do a good job.

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