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October 23, 2014

Brittany Lang


Q.  Good start, three birdies on four 4,5,6, that had to feel read I good.  Jump started the round?
BRITTANY LANG:  I didn't I didn't hit great shots on 1 and 2 and then I hit a really good wedge shot and I hit it over the green and ended up making bogey after that.  I don't know, I think it kind of got me a little bit more focused and hit the ball great and was rolling it with really nice pace, which on these greens you have to make sure you're aggressive with your pace because they are slow.

Q.  How are they?
BRITTANY LANG:  The course is great.  It's a great layout.  It's pretty.  It's just super soft and slow, so you've got to take more club and you've got to hit your putts a lot harder.

Q.  Coming into this week, you played well in the first two Asia events, last week, what was the mind‑set coming into this week?
BRITTANY LANG:  I played really good in Prattville and really good in China and Malaysia.  In Korea, I hit the ball great.  I just couldn't make a putt.  Literally would hit it like ten feet after ten feet and not make anything.  So just put some better rolls on the ball, better pace, stayed down on them.

Q.  Goals for the end of the year coming the Asian Swing, is that a time where you sit back and say, all right, what do I need to do to finish on a strong note?  Did you do any of that?
BRITTANY LANG:  I've just been working on having a good attitude, but I definitely want to keep getting in contention like China because that was fun.  It's good experience.  And to see how you handle things.  I've just been trying to enjoy myself.  When I do, I play better.

Q.  This week's not too bad.
BRITTANY LANG:  It's so pretty.

Q.  You go to a lot of pretty places, but going to a vacation‑type setting?  Hard to turn it on?
BRITTANY LANG:  I think it's just so relaxed, you can always look at the pretty view.  I think it's easier.

Q.  Very long setup, is it an advantage to the long hitters?
BRITTANY LANG:  They moved the tees up.  It was not long at all.  We hit a lot of 3‑woods off the tees.  They did not set it up long today.

Q.  Anything in particular today?  You want to keep going tomorrow and the rest of the weekend?
BRITTANY LANG:  Yeah, just my attitude was good.  I always work on that, just not talking about bad stuff.  Just keep going forward.  And then I was just super decisive and committed.  So just really clear on what I was doing, so just those things.

Q.  Do you work with anybody, mental coach or anything?  Just you being happy?
BRITTANY LANG:  Yeah, working on it.  Work‑in‑progress.

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