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October 22, 2014

Serena Williams


S. HALEP/S. Williams
6‑0, 6‑2

THE MODERATOR:テつ Questions, please.

Q.テつ Obviously that didn't go anywhere close to how you wanted it to.テつ What did you feel was not working for you out there today?
SERENA WILLIAMS:テつ I think she played really well, to be honest.テつ Personally I've never seen her play like this.テつ Ever.
But obviously she had nothing to lose and went for a lot of shots.テつ You know, I think she just played a really, really good game.

Q.テつ Did you have any inkling in the warmup or before the match that your game was maybe not at its best today?
SERENA WILLIAMS:テつ No.テつ I've been practicing really, really well and hitting the ball really solid.テつ Obviously I don't think I hit solid today.
Again, she took some balls early and she played really, really solid.テつ Yeah, I felt like I didn't play nearly as well as I've been practicing.

Q.テつ You played her before, but over a year ago, and she's really made a big move this year.テつ How different was she than what you expected or remembered from her?
SERENA WILLIAMS:テつ Yeah, she's serving a lot better today.テつ I've seen her play a lot.テつ Like I said, she's never played like this before.
But on this particular day she served big second serve, big first serves, you know, she was hitting winners.テつ Usually that's not her game in particular.
But, hey, you got to step up to the plate.テつ She did and I didn't, so, yeah.

Q.テつ You looked obviously frustrated on court.テつ You look a little bit emotional now.テつ Can you talk about why this is frustrating or why particularly you're feeling the way you are?
SERENA WILLIAMS:テつ Well, I don't think I look emotional.テつ I think you're looking for something for your blog.
Yes, you are.テつ (Laughing.)テつ Actually, I don't think I look emotional at all.テつ I'm obviously frustrated and I, you know, wanted to do better.テつ I wanted to win more than two games.テつ I was trying for three.
At one point I was like, If I can just get three games.テつ But that didn't work out for me.テつ But it's okay.テつ You know, things are going and going and I'm still going to come back and I'm going to be better and I'm going to keep trying to do better.

Q.テつ You did have those two chances to break back in the final game.テつ Do you think if you did that she might've got a bit nervous and you could have turned the momentum back around?
SERENA WILLIAMS:テつ I don't know.テつ She kept the momentum.テつ I had an extremely slow start.テつ When you're playing top players, you can't have those slow starts.
Maybe if I got to a better start I would've maybe‑‑ I don't know if the score would've been the same.テつ Who knows?テつ But I think I would've been able to play a little bit better and had a little bit more confidence.

Q.テつ Ton of unforced errors from you, which is unusual.テつ Did you try to change a little bit?テつ The forehand wasn't usually working for you, which you usually dominate with.
SERENA WILLIAMS:テつ Yeah, my forehand was off today again.テつ I guess it went on an early vacation.
Lord knows my serve was as well.テつ My serve, I don't eve ‑‑ I don't know.テつ My serve was at best in the 10 and under division in juniors.
Yeah, it was actually embarrassing I think describes the way I played.テつ Yeah, very embarrassing.

Q.テつ Unlike most tournaments, you lose here and you can keep going at this point.テつ How did you reboot and shake this off?
SERENA WILLIAMS:テつ It's odd.テつ I feel like once you lose you should be out of event, you know.テつ But still hanging in there, so we'll see what happens.
Yeah, I played when it was an elimination.テつ At one point when I was 16 it was by elimination.テつ I did like that format.
This format is fun because you can lose and keep winning.テつ But I'm in a situation where I'm going to have to win my matches because I didn't win many games today at all.

Q.テつ Do you like that you getting to back out there in two days?テつ Is that a positive?テつ Negative?
SERENA WILLIAMS:テつ I think it's a positive.テつ You know, like I said coming into this event, I don't have any pressure on myself.テつ I just started practicing on Monday before the event, so just going to do the best I can.
Whatever happens, that's all I can do.テつ I can't really do any better than that.

Q.テつ You mentioned your serve and your forehand, but also did you feel you were moving as well as you could have?テつ Was there anything bothering you with your movement?
SERENA WILLIAMS:テつ I think moved okay.テつ You know, I definitely think I moved okay, but that's about it.テつ That's all I had was a little movement and‑‑ yeah, that's it.

Q.テつ You changed racquets more than usual.テつ Was something not feeling right on that front?
SERENA WILLIAMS:テつ One cracked and then one I was angry with.テつ But it wasn't the racquet, it was clearly me, so...

Q.テつ So 100% you feel okay?テつ Are you moving well?テつ Does the leg hurt?
SERENA WILLIAMS:テつ Oh, God no.テつ I'm definitely not 100% okay.テつ I'm just here playing, but I'm not nowhere near 100%.
That has nothing to do with today's match.テつ I think Simona played really well and the best match of her career.テつ To be quite frankly honest, I'm looking forward to our next meeting because she is making me going to go home and work hard and particularly train for her.

FastScripts Transcript by ASAP Sports

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