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October 22, 2014

Charl Schwartzel


THE MODERATOR:  Charl, welcome back to Perth.  Thank you for coming.  How are you finding it out there?  It was quite warm day today.
CHARL SCHWARTZEL:  It's great to be back.  Didn't play very well in 2012 when I was here.  Tried to come back last year; just didn't work out in the schedule.
Very happy to be back.  Feel like I've got something to prove out here.  Wasn't really happy about my performance previously.  Feel like the golf course is one of the courses that I like.  It's really challenging.
It's playing a little softer than it was in 2012 at this stage, but looks like the wind is a little bit more up than it was, so that sort of equals it out.
It's in great shape.  Actually in fantastic shape.  Actually I'm really looking forward to the week.
THE MODERATOR:  Questions.

Q.  What are your memories of 2012, and why do you think you struggled here?
CHARL SCHWARTZEL:  The memories I try to forget when I miss cuts.  But I don't know.  You know, we were talking about it.  I was talking about my caddie about it, and I said, I don't think I played that badly; I just had some really shocking breaks out there.
You know, I think I only missed it by one shot.  You know, I just remember walking off and thinking, I can't believe that I just missed the cut.  It's one of the courses ‑‑ normally when I come to an event and I feel like the golf course suits my game, normally I play well.  This was one of them.
So, you know, we forget 2012 and we move on to this year.  I've had some nice practice at home.  Been in South Africa for a while.  Felt good out there today.
Like I say, I'm looking forward to playing a little better this year.

Q.  Preparation the last couple weeks.  You've been Scotland earlier in the month.  How do you have to adapt to the new conditions here?
CHARL SCHWARTZEL:  Scotland is very different to what you get out here.  I mean, it was really cold.  I'm not a big fan of the cold.  I prefer the 30 degrees here in Perth than be in Scotland.
So I don't think there is much to match it up.  It's good change really.  It's very different.  It's course is playing a little bit more like South Africa.  I think it's good coming from there.  I was there for two weeks.

Q.  You spoke about your wish to make amends from two weeks ago.  You feel like you're in good enough touch to win to this week?
CHARL SCHWARTZEL:  Yeah, I think so.  I mean, you're always better coming off a few weeks off, what it's really going to be like.  I just played with my mates at home, shoot good scores, but it's very different to playing competitive golf.
At least shows that the game is still in good shape.  I think it's just a matter of sort of taking it step by step, day by day, and not sort of getting ahead of yourself too much.  You know, just sort of pick at it as the week goes on.
Sometimes that way if you find some momentum you can make a bunch of birdies and sort of either move into the lead or get close to it.  I think as long as you're out there with a game plan and if it works out, you'll be first.

Q.  Who do you think will be your major threats this week?
CHARL SCHWARTZEL:  Well, I mean, the guys did a good job of getting strong field out here.  Obviously Geoff Ogilvy won not too long ago on the PGA TOUR.
Jason Dufner, he hasn't played much, but he's always a threat.  Especially on a golf course like this when it's windy with the way he hits the ball.
You know, obviously I think even Victor, he's had a good run of golf.  Obviously even thought the Ruder Cup is a team event, it still boosts confidence as an individual.  He'll be high on confidence.
I mean, still loads of European events.  There are a whole bunch of guys that can play well on the day.

Q.  You talked about being really keen to come back last year as well.  Why do you like coming here so much?
CHARL SCHWARTZEL:  I think it's similar to South Africa in a way.  Even walking around while playing today, there was a few South Africans out there following.
You know, feels familiar for some reason.  So I'm just comfortable.  I like to play places I feel comfortable.

Q.  Have you been pretty happy with your last 12 months?
CHARL SCHWARTZEL:  Yeah.  I mean, considering everything that's changed in my life, I think it's been great.
We had a little baby girl, me and my wife, seven month ago.  Quite a change in your life.  It's our first one.
It was maybe a month or two there where I was a little quiet for a while, but definitely finding my way back.
It's been consistent.  Just no wins, you know.  Golf these days, people sort of judge you on how many wins you get.  From a point of view of myself, I feel like it sort of can change any time.
And that's a good feeling at least, you know, even though you're not getting the results that everyone looks for.

Q.  What would a win mean for you given all that?
CHARL SCHWARTZEL:  A win is always great.  I mean, end of the day, that's basically what we play for.  If you can have a few wins a year or even just one, it's great.  You can always tick it off as a good year.

Q.  (Question regarding his family.)
CHARL SCHWARTZEL:  No, they're not.  I'm alone.  Four weeks I'm going to be alone.  That's a little bit of a change.

Q.  (Question regarding how life changes with a child.)
CHARL SCHWARTZEL:  Yeah, I could vouch for that.  I think it makes it easier when you get back home or back to the room after maybe finishing badly or having a bad day.  It puts it a little bit more in perspective.  There she is smiling at you.  She has no idea that you maybe just lost.
I think you get over it much quicker.  Yeah, no, definitely it can only be in a positive.
THE MODERATOR:  Thank you very much for joining us, and best of luck this week.

FastScripts Transcript by ASAP Sports

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