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October 18, 2014

Russell Knox


Q. ¬†That's a really solid round of golf, bogey‑free again, and I know some questions about the left‑handed tee shots back at 15 and 16.
RUSSELL KNOX:¬† Certainly made 18 a lot harder, I mean, after you've hit two quick hooks.¬† I wanted to maybe hit 3‑wood but I convinced myself, I'm like, no, listen, you've drove it great all week, just stand up there and hit a good one, and I kind of toe slapped it down there, but I'll take it in the fairway every day.

Q.  Your putter you leaned on again today, 27 putts, and right now in the tournament you're fourth in strokes gained putting.
RUSSELL KNOX:  That's a miracle.  I don't think I've ever been that high in my life.  No, the putter has been great today and all week.  I hope it continues one more day.

Q.¬† Does it feel like you shot 5‑under par out there, or was it a little bit of a disappointing finish that took some of the smile off your face?
RUSSELL KNOX:¬† No, I'm delighted with 5‑under.¬† It was never going to be easy, this.¬† I know tomorrow is going to be a tough day.¬† It's tough to win these tournaments.¬† That's why I've never done it before.¬† I look forward to giving it a whack tomorrow, but 5‑under bogey‑free on a Saturday is a job well done.

Q.  Been a long time since you've had a bogey out here, five birdies, no bogeys today.  How do you rate this performance?
RUSSELL KNOX:¬† Good.¬† Bogey‑free on a Saturday is exactly what I wanted.¬† I knew I was going to make birdies, and seeing the lines on the greens really well, so I knew if I just limited my mistakes, I was going to be right up there, so one more to go.

Q.  You just mentioned a few minutes ago how you'd love to get a win.  You talked yet about that's one of your goals this year.  You're close; what do you need to do mentally tomorrow to have success?
RUSSELL KNOX:  I mean, I've got to be 100 percent positive.  I'm going to hit bad shots tomorrow, but the second I get down on myself, I'm going to struggle, so I need to stand tall, smile as much as I can and really be like a pro.

Q.  Has that been a struggle for you?
RUSSELL KNOX:  No, I've improved significantly, and that's one of the reasons why my game and my scores have improved is my attitude has improved a lot.  I've just got to get on the green tomorrow as quick as possible because I'm seeing the lines great.

Q.  You've got a guy who's leading who's never won on the PGA TOUR before.  Do you think he may back up, or do you play that he's never been in that position before, kind of react to how he's acting on the course?
RUSSELL KNOX:¬† Somebody is going to go super low just behind us.¬† I mean, it's foot down, and low score wins.¬† I've got to try to take care of business and shoot as low a number as I can because someone is going to shoot 10‑under.

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