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October 18, 2014

Brooks Koepka


Q. テつBrooks, you're playing some solid, solid golf and being patient.
BROOKS KOEPKA:テつ Yeah, today some putts started dropping.テつ I felt like I haven't made many putts the last two weeks, but today was a little better.テつ I still feel like I'm hitting some really solid putts, they're just not going in.テつ Today I put up a real low one.

Q.テつ How many times have you made a couple eagles in a round of golf?テつ That doesn't happen all that often.
BROOKS KOEPKA:テつ I mean, a couple.テつ I can maybe count them on one hand, but it was nice.テつ The 3‑wood I hit on the par‑4, was it 15, that was all over the flag.テつ But it lands a couple feet shorter and it's down the hill.テつ And then 9, I mean, I absolutely murdered that drive.テつ We hit like 7‑iron in, so it was a long one.

Q.テつ And then 16 you had that eagle putt that had a chance.テつ You had to be thinking about, well, that would be cool to make two in a row and pick up four shots quick?
BROOKS KOEPKA:テつ Yeah, it would be good way to pick up a couple shots, but I didn't hit a very good shot in.テつ You know, but played solid, hung in there and just kind of waited, ran into a little bit of a speed bump there at 10 and 11, maybe just lost a little focus, but overall I'm pretty pleased.

Q.テつ What was the difference for you between today and the first two days?
BROOKS KOEPKA:テつ I made a couple putts.テつ The first two days I didn't make anything.テつ I think I've only had three bogeys this week, and I can't tell you how many good 15‑footers I felt like I've hit.テつ I've hit the putts solid, right on my line, and they're just burning the edge, so today they fell, but hopefully they'll fall again tomorrow.

Q.テつ What is it about the West Coast and these golf courses that you like?
BROOKS KOEPKA:テつ I think it suits my game.テつ I think it helps long hitters.テつ I think you've seen a lot of long hitters play well here in the past, and it works well for me.テつ I like to shape the ball, so it's a good setup for me.テつ It suits my eye.

Q.テつ What's your mentality going into tomorrow?
BROOKS KOEPKA:テつ Win.テつ I'm tired of‑‑ top 10s are nice, but I'm tired of these top 10s.テつ I want to get a win.

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