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October 17, 2014

Kevin Kisner


Q.テつ Kevin, heck of a finish there, birdied the last four, five of the last six.テつ You were kind of floating around the middle of the pack, but all of a sudden in the last hour, a pretty big deal.
KEVIN KISNER:テつ Yeah, it was frustrating early, couldn't figure out how far the ball was going, how firm the greens were going to be, and I holed a nice putt on my third hole, like a 40‑footer, and it kind of got me back in the game, and I just made everything coming in.テつ I made two from off the green, chipped in one, made one with a putter, and hit it close a couple times.テつ Happy the way I finished, but still got a long way to go.

Q.テつ Help our listeners out a little bit here.テつ It is frustrating for TOUR players, we're always within a couple yards of our numbers, but we're hitting good shots and they're nowhere near our numbers.テつ How frustrating is it because it's all about humidity levels and temperature.
KEVIN KISNER:テつ Yeah, that was like a 120‑yard shot is our bread and butter, and I'm flying it 140, no idea how it's going that far, so that was the frustrating part.テつ You've got to just keep grinding and it will work out hopefully in the end.

Q.テつ That's the whole thing going into this golf course.テつ We've talked about how much you need patience on a hard course, but when it's easy, you almost need more patience because you just see everybody‑‑ it's like a pro‑am, the leaderboard just keeps going nuts and you've got to be more patient here and not give one away when you're not making birdies.
KEVIN KISNER:テつ Yeah, that's the difficult part is not getting too stressed and too frustrated where you get too aggressive and make a mistake.テつ You know, this is playing a lot different than in years past with how firm the greens are.テつ I don't really recall the ball going this far in a long time out here.テつ Just trying to scale back.テつ It's so difficult because then if you come up short, it's off the green on the front, then you're looking like a dummy.
It's difficult to figure it out, but once you do, it's good to go.

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