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October 17, 2014

George McNeill


GEORGE McNEILL:テつ Obviously I knew what I had to do.テつ I wasn't trying to really force anything, but fortunately got off to a decent start, and again, in the middle of the round kept it going, and then nice finish birdieing 18.

Q.テつ Somebody told me the only time you asked your caddie for a read was on 18, and it looked just a straight‑in putt for you.テつ Did you know the number and that's why you asked for help?
GEORGE McNEILL:テつ No, no, I really just was a little confused, and he's got the book that kind of showed the arrows, which way they're going.テつ From one side it looked one way and from the other side it looked the other, and I said, what do you think, and he said, it should be pretty straight, so that's what I played it, and it fortunately went this.

Q.テつ This afternoon anything to work on, or after shooting 63 feeling comfortable and just get a little rest for tomorrow?
GEORGE McNEILL:テつ A little rest, maybe go hit a few more putts and hit a few balls, just kind of wind down, and lunch.テつ I'm looking forward to it.

Q.テつ This course really lends itself to a fast finish.テつ You really took advantage starting at the 15th hole.
GEORGE McNEILL:テつ Yeah, hit it in the greenside bunker, had a pretty tough up‑and‑down but hit it out to about eight or ten feet and made that, and then knocked it on in two on 16, two‑putt there, and then fortunate to get another one at the end.テつ It worked out all right, and I'm sitting at 8‑under and looking good for the weekend.

Q.テつ You birdied half the holes, nine birdies in this round.テつ That's strong playing.
GEORGE McNEILL:テつ If I could do that every day, I'd take it, and every week for that matter.テつ I don't know where it comes from.テつ You ask any player out here, just sometimes it happens, you luck a few in and hit some good putts that work out.

Q.テつ You were even par in the opening round, you went late‑early.テつ Did the greens soften up?テつ I know they got firm on Thursday afternoon.テつ Did they retain that firmness or are we seeing a little better scoring today?
GEORGE McNEILL:テつ They were a little firm late yesterday afternoon, but they were a little spiked up, a lot of traffic out there, a lot of guys, and the bentgrass greens out here in the warm weather, you can't really get them too hard because you'll lose them.テつ So I understand it, and it's just the way it is.テつ These guys this afternoon will have to deal with what we all dealt with in the afternoon yesterday.テつ To each their own, and everybody has to deal with the same conditions.

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