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October 17, 2014

Graeme McDowell


GRAEME McDOWELL:テつ A bit like yesterday, run into a guy on form.テつ Thought I had the match in control and he rolls one in on 9.テつ He hits it in a perfect spot on 10.テつ I hit it in the front bunker and left myself a tough trap shot.テつ Had a stone between my ball and the clubface, and I lose that one to birdie.
Then it's game on again and one of my few mistakes was just missing it left on 12.テつ I kind of had a smelly lie left of the green, didn't hit a good chip and we are back to square.テつ I hit some good shots coming in.
The putter abandoned me at the 11th hour.テつ That putt on 16 was huge.テつ I hit a beautiful 5‑iron in there and after Joost just ripped my heart out on 15 with that putt.テつ I had a great 5‑iron into 16.テつ I knew I was fighting for my life at that point.
Miss‑read the putt on 16 and then 17, you know, he's a world‑class player and he threw it in there, and 17 was playing so easy.テつ My read on 17 was a bit of reaction to the putt on 16.テつ I misread it on 16 and to follow that with a miss‑read on 17.
Very disappointed of course by my defence but quality golf out there.テつ The golf course is set up to be ripped apart and unless you're shooting 64, 65, you're going home.
I just kind of used my putts up against Alex on Wednesday.テつ Didn't hole much Thursday, Friday on.テつ When you know you have to hole them, hole after hole after hole, you kind of start forcing a little bit.テつ I started forcing a little bit with the putter and just didn't happen really.
So great week, though.テつ Golf course is so well set up.テつ Exciting for TV.テつ 62s and 63s being shot, that's what this tournament is all about.テつ Like I say, I'm disappointed but I'm extremely positive of the way I played this week.
Hit the ball beautifully.テつ New set of irons in the bag this game and Srixon golf ball which are well in play for the rest of the season.テつ So I was using this week as a little bit of a testing week for equipment.テつ Equipment is great and can't wait to get to China now.テつ I'm in the mood to get on a plane now to China, so bring it on.

Q.テつ Running into Joost, he's shown his match‑play record, as you know in the EurAsia Cup, birdied three of the last four‑‑
GRAEME McDOWELL:テつ Quality player, birdies 15, 17, 18, when are you going to do.テつ My head went down after I missed the putt on 17 and I rip it down the middle of the last and he hits it in the middle of green and I'm just there going‑‑ on the last, my heart was broken and I made such a bad swing into the last.
But great week, I really enjoyed it.テつ Like I say, I'm enjoying the way I'm playing.テつ I'm excited, I've got four big events left this year and I feel like I can easily win one of those events and that's the goal now towards the end of the year, try and compete and try and win an event.
I'm going straight back to America.

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