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October 17, 2014

Lee Slattery


Q.テつ Your thoughts on being 6‑under par at the halfway stage?
LEE SLATTERY:テつ Obviously very happy.テつ I haven't brought much form into this week, so I think it's been great so far.テつ Played lovely today when I had to.テつ So, yeah, very happy with 6‑under.

Q.テつ Imagine this is a course that you favor and you like coming to Hong Kong?
LEE SLATTERY:テつ I think so.テつ I think there's a lot of 2‑irons off tees out there.テつ You've got to plot your way around the course a little bit more.テつ It's not like last week where you just hit it as hard as you can and go find it.テつ It's a proper golf course and there's not many of these golf courses about.テつ They are so much fun to play.

Q.テつ The kind of course you need in your precarious position?
LEE SLATTERY:テつ I think so.テつ I wouldn't say I'm one of the longest hitters on Tour.テつ I wouldn't say I'm one of the shortest, either, but this certainly suits me more.テつ It's fair and fast and the greens are quick which is something that's been missing the past couple of weeks.テつ I feel like I've been putting well but the greens have been so slow the last two tournaments, so it's nice to be back on fast greens again.

Q.テつ Your thoughts on being on the fringe of The Race to Dubai?
LEE SLATTERY:テつ I think I'm looking at it slightly different to the other guys, because I had hardly any money a few months ago and had a Top‑5 in Austria, which obviously helped me massively and two Top 10s which were very nice, as well, in Italy and Crans‑sur‑Sierre.テつ It's been a blessing, really, and been a long year, as we all know off the golf course, I keep talking about it.テつ But it's nice to be in this position now where I have a chance to be playing next year.

Q.テつ It's been a momentous year and that presumably changes your attitude as the year moves on anyway.
LEE SLATTERY:テつ I think it does.テつ I think I've been around long enough now to know that things can change quickly.テつ You go out this week and let's say you have a top three and all of a sudden you're thinking about different things.テつ So that's what you've got to do, take it one week at time a time, and whether you finish the season or start well, it still can turn into a great season, so that's the way you've got to look at it.

Q.テつ I know it's often a case of one good week, one good week but when you see for instance, what happened at the Dunhill with Oliver Wilson winning, does that inspire, as well?
LEE SLATTERY:テつ I think it does.テつ He's always been a great friend of mine and speaking to him last week in Portugal and he still couldn't believe it, he said.テつ I actually asked him the question, what's actually happened, have you worked very hard to get to where you've gone to.
He said, I've done the opposite.テつ I've relaxed a little bit and enjoyed my time at home.テつ That's kind of what I've done this year.テつ So I'm hoping going into next year, I can have a great season and everything is sort of levelled out now and I'm just enjoying it again.

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