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October 16, 2014

Russell Knox


RUSSELL KNOX:  I hit it so bad last week, and to be honest Tuesday and Wednesday was about the same, so my expectations weren't too high to be honest.  Got off to a good start, made a nice putt on the first hole, and the front nine I played so well.  I hit it good, putted unbelievable.  Just got a little ahead of myself, started thinking about that magic number a little too early.
But I was happy I birdied the last two to get to 6‑under, but it's not too often you're disappointed with shooting 6‑under, but I had it four feet to go 8‑under on No.4, so to finish 6 is a little disappointing, but at the same time I know that three more 6‑unders and I'll be all right.

Q.  Was there anything Wednesday night that you found or something?
RUSSELL KNOX:  No, I just kind of went back and look at some old videos and just tried to feel like I was swinging a little flatter today.  I probably wasn't, but it's funny, your swing improves when you make more putts.

Q.  You shot 59 last year.  What's it feel like the second time to have a go at it or another time to have a go at it?  Were you nervous again?
RUSSELL KNOX:  I was a little disappointed in myself because I got a little too ahead of myself, a little too nervous for some reason.  I kept saying, this is ridiculous.  This is the first round.  Just go for it.  I made a couple of bad swings there on the back nine and just left myself tricky up‑and‑downs.  So yeah, I needed to stay more in the present, as they say, but it's hard to not think about it when you're making everything you look at and hitting it right on the flags.  It was on.  It was really on.

Q.  You and Martin are around the same age.  Did you guys talk at all about the decision to come over to America and play in college?
RUSSELL KNOX:  I had never spoken to Martin before last year.  We became reasonably friendly, but yeah, we've done it kind of similar ways.  He's a few years ahead of me.

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