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October 16, 2014

Bruce Bochy


THE MODERATOR:  Questions for Bruce.

Q.  Is there anyone who is not available for tonight?
BRUCE BOCHY:  Right now, I'll say no.  But you know, we always wait until our pitchers go out there and play catch, and then they will get with Dave Righetti and let him know how they feel.
Petit we would probably stay away from, but he may comeback and say, Hey, I feel good, I feel fine to go.
Jeremy has been throwing a lot.  He told us yesterday he was good for some short work.  Now, he could say he needs a day.  He could say, I feel better than I did yesterday.
So we'll wait until they throw.

Q.  With Panik, what's it like to develop him and what have you seen from him in his composure and how he helps you guys out?
BRUCE BOCHY:  You know what, this kid has really handled himself so well from day one since he's come up here.  With a couple games, I've said this many times, he just has that sense of belonging right away.
Played a great second base.¬† Really has handled the bat.¬† He was hitting at the bottom of the order, and then I put him in the two‑hole and he ran with that.¬† He's a tough kid.
He was having a good year in Fresno and came up here and carried that same swing.  He's really been a savior for us.
That was a big hole for us, and you know, we tried a couple guys, and then he just fit in so well.
I think part of it are the guys in the clubhouse, too.  They help these young kids relax and play loose, which is how you have to play the game, and don't put any added pressure on them.

Q.  Obviously Bumgarner has been good for several years here.  But this year with Hudson and Peavy, they all happen to have their lockers in a similar place.  Has it been good for Bumgarner?  Has it been good for all of them?  Do you see that kind of growing?  Has it grown through the season?
BRUCE BOCHY:  I do.  You know, our rotation, they are a close bunch.  You know, with Madison, I know he's really leaned on Huddy at times for advice and they have helped each other.  You know, these guys, they try to keep up with each other far as performance.
But, you know, it's a close‑knit group and they care about each other.¬† They try to help each other.
Madison has grown so much since he came up here in 2010.¬† He's gotten better as a pitcher.¬† But, you know, he's really assumed a leadership role I think.¬† For a 25‑year‑old guy, it seems like he's been around for 10 years.¬† But been fun to watch his growth.

Q.  You talk about guys being available.  Seems like those core guys in your bullpen are available just about every night for you.  Can you kind of explain how comforting that is for you?  It seems like none of them say they are not available.  Have they ever come to you and say they need a day?
BRUCE BOCHY:  Once in a while they will.  But once in a while you have to take the ball from them in the season.  They may say they are available, but you look at the workload, not just in the game, but maybe they were up in the pen a couple times.  They are all really resilient and that's nice to have for a manager.
Jeremy, he's a guy that I've used multiple innings and come back and used him the next day.  Romo, Casilla, Lopez, it's a nice luxury when I have quality relievers, but they are resilient, too.

Q.  I think Strickland said that he and Rags or Gardner were going to look at some video to see if he was possibly tipping the fastball.  Did that have anything to do with the bullpen session he threw the other day or was it a different mechanical thing Strickland had worked on?
BRUCE BOCHY:  Both.  You know, he has a little different delivery, which some pitchers have, where he takes the ball out of the glove, and we just wanted to make sure he was not tipping.  So we took a look at it.  We had him throw on the mound.  We had some hitters look at it.
But we're comfortable with where he's at now.  We tweaked him a little bit.  I don't want to go into what all Dave did, but, you know, that was part of it, along with a couple other little things.

Q.  You said the other day, you were going to talk to Lincecum, and he kind of took us through how he's staying ready.  What have you told him, and do you feel like he could come in and do what he needs to do at any time?
BRUCE BOCHY:¬† Yeah, he's working.¬† He's taking his bullpens.¬† He's staying ready.¬† I talked to him briefly, and you know, he said that, hey‑‑ he goes, I get it.¬† I understand.¬† But I'm going to stay ready.¬†¬†
The most important thing is, You've got to keep working in case you are called on.
And so he's doing that.
And tonight, for example, we've used this pen quite a bit, so we know that he's fresh and we have him available.
Now, he hasn't pitched in a while, but I just think with his consistent bullpens and things, that he'll be fine.

Q.  When this season began, your offense was a very different animal, a lot of home runs, a lot of runs scored, and then it kind of dropped off.  Did that change your managerial approach once that happened to where it is now?
BRUCE BOCHY:  I think a little bit.  I think as a manager, you have to adapt to your club and maybe how they're swinging the bat.
We had the long ball early, and I said earlier, we were a tale of two teams, the power team, and then the team that had to scratch and claw for runs.
So you may bunt a little bit more and you may put some guys in motion and do some little things maybe to help get some runs across the board.

Q.  Do you think it took the players longer to adapt to the change?
BRUCE BOCHY:  Well, a lot of them, I mean, they haven't changed the heart of the order.  It's not like we are doing a lot of things with them.
But as far as the other guys, you know, Perez or Blanco, guys you may bunt or run, that's part of their game.  We probably pushed it a little bit at times trying to get some runs across the board instead of sitting back a little bit more waiting for the home run.
But those guys, that's their game.¬† You have to have some guys that are table‑setters or can play the small ball; and Panik or Blanco, Crawford, these guys can do that.

Q.¬† Do you have to verbally remind anybody on this team that two years ago, you guys won three in a row to win this series, and that a 3‑1 lead is not sacred?¬† Or do you think that needs to go unsaid?
BRUCE BOCHY:  I think that needs to go unsaid.  Some things don't need to be said.  You go out there, as we always say, and play the game tonight.
You know, the last thing you want to do is put any negative thought.  These guys, they are not going to drop their guard.  They are going to go out and leave it all out on the field.
You don't want to put any added pressure, This could happen, that could happen.  You go out there and play.  These guys will be ready.

Q.  How much of the experience that you guys have already is going to help in this kind of situation?
BRUCE BOCHY:¬† Well, I think it's already shown how much it's helped.¬† Starting this post‑season play, you know, going to Pittsburgh, Washington.
So as I just said, these guys, they know the situation.¬† This was not a best‑of‑five.¬† It's a best‑of‑seven, and we have to win another game.¬† And you go out there and give it all you have on that day, and we'll see what happens.

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