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October 16, 2014

Graeme McDowell


Q.テつ Looked to be another one of your fight backs?
GRAEME McDOWELL:テつ Mikko, he was incredibly solid today. I was really happy the way I hit it myself.テつ The flat stick was a bit cold the front nine. テつDidn't put enough pressure on Mikko with the putter.
And then 9 and 10 really were the killer.テつ He hit a 4‑iron into 9 about six feet, and you know, made birdie from the rough on 10, which just kind of got the game that little bit far away from me.
But then, you know, the fight back started.テつ Made a nice putt on 11, great swing to 12, birdied 13.テつ 14 was an opportunity gone.テつ I had a good shot in there.テつ Missed about a 15‑footer, 12‑footer that I expect to make under the circumstances.
You know, obviously disappointed to lose today.テつ It's a format where you want to, like we said yesterday, control your own destiny.テつ Tomorrow I have a few ifs and buts and whats.テつ I just have to try to beat Joost tomorrow, and that's at least me in a playoff to get into the weekend.
Yeah, Mikko was a better player today.テつ Hats off to him.テつ Played great.テつ He was tough to live with.

Q.テつ When somebody shoots eight threes in nine holes or whatever he does, is that when you have to‑‑
GRAEME McDOWELL:テつ You just have to try and knuckle down and win the next hole.テつ It's hard to do.テつ Like I say, I felt like I played the better golf the first five or six holes but he putted the best.
Like we talked about earlier in the week, the putter is a serious weapon in match play and can really hurt your opponent and he hurt me with his putter today.テつ Like I say, my putter took a little while to warm up after a hot day on the greens yesterday against Alex, I started off a little slow today.
In this format, you know, if you want it too bad, you have to try to stay patient on the greens and let it happen.テつ They are great surfaces I have to say.テつ Great job by The London Club.テつ Yes, the golf course is wet but the greens are fantastic.テつ They are rolling well and you expect to hole putts and you expect your opponents to hole putts as well.
Tough game today, but I think I'm playing well enough to go and try and win my match tomorrow.

Q.テつ Second and third sum it up, hitting a shocking drive and follows you in on the third?
GRAEME McDOWELL:テつ 2 was a killer blow.テつ I'm licking my chops on 1 and I miss the putt.テつ I'm licking my chops on two and he hits a magnificent shot from a bad lie and I miss and folds me on 3.テつ That told me right there I was in for a hard day.テつ I fought and hung and did the best I could.
Bad drive on 17 in the end.テつ I missed it in one place‑‑ I said to my caddie, was right better than left and we discussed it and he said front right trap wasn't a great leave.テつ Kind of wished I didn't ask that question because I knew the answer.テつ Just tried to get over technical with what I wanted to do. Just needed to bomb it at the flag and the traps are wet and I didn't hit a very good trap shot.テつ So be it.テつ Get back out here tomorrow.テつ Good format, good golf, it's birdies galore.
Nice little player, good putter and Mikko putted really well today.テつ Joost looks like he's going to win again today so he's going to be controlling his destiny tomorrow and he'll be keen to win and I need to win.テつ So we'll see.

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