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October 14, 2014

Jeremy Guthrie

Mike Moustakas


Baltimore – 1
Kansas City – 2

Q.  Just how do you look back at the outing and maybe what it means for you being your first playoff appearance?
JEREMY GUTHRIE:  I think got off to a good start, which was nice.  First playoff pitches and I was able to go out and throw a strike and have a quick inning.  Made some mistakes in the second and they hurt me with those.
Overall I thought it was a grind.  I thought they had good at‑bats all night long and was never really able to have that quick of an inning until the 5th.  They made me work for everything, and I thought it was a well‑battled game.

Q.  I know you guys are used to seeing plays behind you, but just the ones that you had tonight, the two catches Mous made, and also were you sure Cain was going to be able to rundown that fly ball in the second inning?
JEREMY GUTHRIE:  I believe both of the Mous plays were to lead an inning off.  To be able to make that diving play and then obviously the play into the dugout suite.  To start an inning off like that, people don't understand how important that is for a pitcher to get that first out and have plays like that is huge.  That turns around the entire inning, that's a player‑of‑the‑game type performance, when someone is able to do that.
Hos made a couple of nice plays, himself.  One was kind of blown out to right center, anything hit out there was going to be a tough play.

Q.  You got the pitch with the long layoff.  How did that feel going out there; and, two, what about this crowd, did it amp you up any further with that kind of atmosphere?
JEREMY GUTHRIE:  I tried to stay as calm as possible.  I could feel the crowd, but not necessarily that affected what I was doing.  Certainly the long layoff made it that much more of I think of a grind once I got in and they started having runners on base, and getting reacquainted with having to make pitches with trouble on the bases, hadn't done it for a couple of weeks.
Good to get out of there with the one run and see our offense tie it up and get an insurance run in the bullpen.  We can't say enough about what they were able to do again.

Q.  Mike, just the two defensive plays.  The line drive, did it feel to you like it was behind you when you got to it?  And on the catch going into that suite there, have you ever had any experience with similar plays in that area?
MIKE MOUSTAKAS:  The line drive, yeah, kind of got behind me a little bit.  He hit it pretty good.  And Jirsch had me in the right spot and I was able to dive out and catch it.
And for the pop‑up, you know, I've been playing at this field, I mean, my entire career in the big leagues, so I'm pretty familiar with that little dugout suite over there.  I've been in there once or twice, maybe, but never anything like that.  And those people helped me up the entire way, didn't let me fall, and kind of lifted me up out of there.  It was pretty awesome.

Q.  Did you feel like you were going to get there and have a play on it?
MIKE MOUSTAKAS:  Yeah, I was watching the flight of the ball and tracking out it was going up and coming back down.  The wind was kind of playing with it a little bit.  I was trying to get underneath it and try to gauge where it was at.  And ended up coming back a little bit more than I expected.  And just kind of threw my glove out there and caught it.

Q.  You guys haven't been behind much in a long time in the playoffs.  And you never seem rattled when you're down 1‑0.  Can you take us through what the feeling was in the dugout at that point?
MIKE MOUSTAKAS:  Jeremy threw a heck of a game for us tonight.  He kept us in that game and battled the entire time he was out there and kept it to one run.  And this team just doesn't panic.  For some reason we just always feel confident knowing that we're going to be able to score a run or multiple runs, as long as we keep that game close.  And ended up putting two out there and our bullpen comes in and does what they always do.  And it's just awesome to watch them go to work.

Q.  Mike, does anything that this team does now surprise you?  Did you think, how did we do that or now is it just commonplace?
MIKE MOUSTAKAS:  There's always these surprising things that happen in baseball, you can't really explain them.  But for the most part, not really, not the plays in the outfield, not our pitchers, not really.  We've been doing it all year.  And we've been playing good defense, scoring timely runs, and doing the little things that have gotten us to this point.  There's still some plays that I'm sitting back, like, Wow, I don't know how Cain got there or how Gordo got there.  But it's almost like you expect them to make those plays.

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