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October 12, 2014

Retief Goosen


Q. テつYou certainly gave it a shot on the way home.テつ Who knows what another birdie would have done.
RETIEF GOOSEN:テつ Yeah, it would have been nice to birdie the last.テつ I hit a very good tee shot but it was one yard too far right.テつ Yeah, I hit it good third, took a big bounce and hit a good putt, and I thought it was going to go, but overall happy with the week.

Q.テつ I thought the course was set up for a veteran to take advantage today, a tricky wind, I really thought the course got baked out a little bit, too, some changing conditions.
RETIEF GOOSEN:テつ Yeah, the course is playing totally different than it did the first three days.テつ This is what we sort of expected earlier in the week, but they watered it a lot, but last night obviously nothing.テつ No, it played quite a few shots harder than it did the first few days.

Q.テつ Certainly a good start for you and some confidence going forward?
RETIEF GOOSEN:テつ Yeah, off to a good start for the season and try and build on that.

Q.テつ Overall thoughts on the day?
RETIEF GOOSEN:テつ Yeah, I'm happy.テつ I didn't drive it so well today, so there was a bit of scrambling going on today.テつ I hit a few very bad iron shots, made a good par save on 17 and then if I had came down the last with a birdie or eagle, you never know.テつ Happy with the week.テつ Of course today played pretty tough, the way it should play.テつ Yeah, the players are very, very happy with the venue and the setup of the course.

Q.テつ Is it tough having a guy like Bae so far out and he wasn't giving up much ground for much of the afternoon, trying to chase him down?
RETIEF GOOSEN:テつ Yeah, I played with him in the first two rounds, and he hit the ball very well, and his putter was red hot.テつ I knew he was going to be tough to catch this weekend the way he was striking it.テつ He's not really going to make many mistakes, and he's showing it.テつ He's a well deserved winner at the moment.

Q.テつ What's your schedule like the next few weeks?
RETIEF GOOSEN:テつ Yeah, I'm playing‑‑ this is the first time I've played here, and the next week is the first time I'm playing in Vegas, and then I'm going off to‑‑ then I've got a week off, going back to South Africa for a charity event down there, and then to CIMB for Kuala Lumpur and then really back for a race to the end.

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