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October 12, 2014

Bryce Molder


Q. ¬†What a classy finish, former champion here, and you birdie four of the last five holes, including a kick‑in here on the 18th.
BRYCE MOLDER:¬† Yeah, when you've got the leaders so far out there, you can kind of just go wheels off and just try to do whatever.¬† It doesn't always pan out that way.¬† I hit a couple really good shots and made some 20‑footers, and made a little mistake on 17, bogeyed with a wedge in my hand, actually hit the wedge perfectly.¬† Maybe a little juiced up and kind of forgot something pre‑shot that probably would have affected things.¬† But yeah, to start the year in good shape, I don't know where I'll finish, but extremely happy.

Q.  Let's talk about that shot into 17 because I thought you hit your number.  Your pitch mark was right by the hole.  I thought these greens got firmer as the day went on.
BRYCE MOLDER:  Well, you know what, yes, I had 92 yards to the hole, and that's with a couple yards uphill.  There was about three feet behind the hole before it starts to go down and off the green, and I had about 90 or 91 yards in my head.  I wasn't playing any wind, and honestly, it's just a little chippy sand wedge, and the reason I hit that is so that I could skip it back there, and I'll just be honest with you, I should have been thinking 86 instead of 91, and I flew it 91, and that's frustrating, but I came back and talked myself into making a 4 on the last, and I did it.

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