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October 12, 2014

Shanshan Feng


Q. テつShanshan, how precious is that 3‑wood?
SHANSHAN FENG:テつ Well, because at that time I didn't know where I was standing at.テつ I know we had to tee up, so it was like a (indiscernible) hole for me.テつ It was actually a little between clubs.テつ If I hit 3‑wood it would be maybe a little long, so I decided actually to go forward.テつ I hit the 3‑wood with like a smooth swing.
Then I was hoping to get a good bounce, which I did.テつ It reminded me kind of like 18 hole Reignwood last year.テつ Same club.テつ It's the magic 3‑wood again.テつ I made an eagle again, and I think that was pretty important for my win.

Q.テつ Certainly was.テつ The fate of the tournament was sealed with that terrific shot.テつ It was so close at that point, you and Pornanong fighting down the stretch.
SHANSHAN FENG:テつ Well, I have a habit that I don't look at leaderboards during my play.テつ Actually, I accidentally knew I was tied with her when I was on 16 green.テつ I did not want to see the score, but I saw it.
I was like, Okay, I know where I'm at.テつ But I'm putting for eagle, so I'm going to be going away.テつ I did make the eagle, and then after that I didn't look at the board again.
I was assuming maybe she would make a couple more birdies coming in.テつ On the 18th hole when I had that little putt left I looked at the board finally and I saw she was three behind.テつ I was like, I think I can make this.テつ I was really happy.

Q.テつ What a magical round for you.テつ A final round of 63.
SHANSHAN FENG:テつ I played really well today, 8‑under with no bogeys.テつ Back nine I think I was 6‑under, and I think that was why actually I came from behind to the top.
I think that's what I actually do very often.テつ Like when I win, I'm usually not leading after first and second round.テつ I like to come from behind.テつ I had no pressure at all today.
Last week I was defending champion in China at Reignwood and I did really bad.テつ So coming into this week, I had no pressure at all.テつ Even though like this morning until like the 17th hole I still didn't think I was going to win.
What I was doing was just to focus on every shot and just try to do my best and hope that putts can fall.テつ That's all I did.

Q.テつ They certainly started to fall.テつ This is jewel in the crown of victory to win here in Malaysia as well.
SHANSHAN FENG:テつ Of course.テつ I really love this tournament.テつ We have to thank you or sponsor, Sime Darby, to have this chance to come to Malaysia every year.
I've had a very good record here.テつ Maybe just one time I was out of top 10, but then I was top 10 all the time.テつ Last year I came close.テつ I was second.テつ So this year I improved.テつ I can say I improved one shot.

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