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October 11, 2014

Felipe Aguilar


Q.テつ Did that break come at the right time for you?
FELIPE AGUILAR:テつ Yeah, it's difficult to know but I think after I finished, it probably stopped me, I was coming back‑to‑back birdies before we stopped and then I ended up making 1‑over the last five holes.テつ But you never know, sometimes it helps, sometimes it doesn't, but the good thing is I still played well today.テつ I had a good round and put me in a good position for tomorrow.

Q.テつ Great score, 64, five behind, and how are you looking at Alexander Levy tomorrow, five in front.テつ Do you think you can catch him tomorrow?
FELIPE AGUILAR:テつ Yeah, it's easy.テつ Just break one of his legs and then it's done (laughter).
It's going to be difficult.テつ He's playing really well.テつ I think this is the course that you can make a lot of birdies and you can make a couple mistakes, but it's going to be a fun day tomorrow.

Q.テつ You won in Singapore earlier in the year, talk us through your summer, how has the summer been for you?
FELIPE AGUILAR:テつ It's been a lot of up‑and‑downs.テつ But I've been playing okay.テつ I think I played very good Thursdays and Fridays, Saturday has been my struggle days and hopefully this Saturday, just kills all those bad luck things and hopefully tomorrow it will be one of those Singapore things.

Q.テつ So you're 65th in The Race to Dubai and you're looking forward to The Final Series.テつ It must be a big boost for you this week.
FELIPE AGUILAR:テつ It is.テつ I think it is.テつ But if I make it or if I don't make it, I think it's great.テつ It's been a good year.テつ Every time you win I think it's a good year and everything else comes as a gift.テつ I think if it happens, fantastic.テつ If it doesn't happen, I still have another year next year.

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