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August 21, 2005

Paul McGinley


Q. A great attempt.

PAUL McGINLEY: Yeah, you know, I mean, toughest conditions today I think. The course for me today played a lot longer than it had all week. The wind was in a different direction, which made it extremely difficult. It was blowing across the course, so we didn't have any help with the wind on any holes. So the course was playing difficult with the heavy ground and the wind in a different direction.

You know, it was a day for battling, and I really battled. I started out great, just striped it the first five or six holes, then missed a few fairways by a yard. It seems every time you miss by a yard, you're stone dead. Every time I was, it was a chip out. But I managed to get pars.

But then I get all the way on 11, three�putt from three feet. When you're trying to win a tournament, you can't afford to do things like that. I dug deep and hung on really well and had a strong finish. I just left myself too much to do. The three�putt on 11 put me out of the ballgame to a large extent.

Q. Did you always feel you were up against it with the changing conditions?

PAUL McGINLEY: I think it went against me. Having said that, I shoot 69, I probably would have won the tournament, which is very achievable for me. But I knew that and I didn't want to go down the lines of saying to myself that the course was going to be too difficult now. I don't think it really affected me that much. I knew that the course was going to play different than it did, but I don't think it affected me, no.

Q. Did you hear the big roar for Tiger's birdie on 16?


Q. You were on 17. Where were you?

PAUL McGINLEY: I had a putt, a 12�footer, just before Sergio putted. His first one he ended up putting it off the green. Literally he was addressing the ball and he ended up putting it off the green. Was it a big putt he holed?

Q. Well, not a big putt but it was a big birdie considering where he put his tee shot.

PAUL McGINLEY: Yeah, he seems to be able to have a shot every time he hits it in the trees. Watching today, he made some great escapes from trees. He's such a skillful player that no shot is impossible for him.

Q. Another great week for you, Paul.

PAUL McGINLEY: Yeah, I know, but this is the first time I've competed at the world level really to a large extent. I had a great week in the BMW this week in Europe, but on the world stage this is the first time I really contended, like being in the heat of winning. It's a learning process. You know, I might be old in terms of years, 38, but in terms of experience I'm pretty young. The first time to be in the heat of battle like this, this is the first one that was achievable.

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