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October 11, 2014

Kelly Tan


Q. テつSecond even par again.
KELLY TAN:テつ Yep.テつ Didn't started off how I wanted today, but I managed to get a couple birdies coming back again.
I still haven't got the speed of the green.テつ I have a lot of good opportunities, but I come up short a lot of times.
Overall I don't see anything is wrong.テつ Just got to get the speed right and the line right tomorrow in the putting.

Q.テつ Couple of bogeys today.
KELLY TAN:テつ Yeah.テつ Like I say, on the first hole, I was kind of a good lie and hit it in the bunker.テつ That's where you really don't want to miss.
Just basically missing on the wrong side today.テつ I'll try to hit more greens tomorrow.

Q.テつ Are you happy overall what you're doing out there?
KELLY TAN:テつ I get a little frustrated.テつ That's kind of how I'm‑‑ I'm still trying to learn to be more happy and relaxed on the golf course.
I really take this really seriously.テつ But I don't think it helped.テつ I really want to go out there tomorrow and enjoy myself, even though I don't care what score I get.
That's more the goal tomorrow.

Q.テつ Has the occasion gotten to you a little bit?
KELLY TAN:テつ I think that is how I handle myself a little bit normally.テつ Even when I'm not at home.テつ Of course at home I want to do a lot better than what I expected.
But, no, I think ‑‑ I was just talking to my coach and he said, You don't look like you're too happy out there.テつ I know he's going to talk to me about that, so...

Q.テつ First round, second round, third round now, very frustrating or...
KELLY TAN:テつ No, no, now, like not very frustrating.テつ Of course when I make bogey it's more like silly bogeys to me today.テつ It wasn't like 3‑putts from 10 feet or anything.
It's more like missing on the wrong side and just a little bit of the placement out there.テつ I was a little too greedy.テつ I think I went a little too aggressive today.テつ I almost fired almost ever pin, you know, unless when they tuck really at the corner.
Maybe that's the wrong play, but even par, I don't think that's going to hurt me.

Q.テつ (No microphone.)
KELLY TAN:テつ No, I was thinking like face the fact.テつ I'm a professional.テつ Everybody is going to look up to me, Oh, this girl plays on the LPGA Tour.テつ She must be good.
Of course there is a little pressure, but, no, I'm just going to still go out there and just play my own game.

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