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October 10, 2014

Gilles Simon


G. SIMON/T. Berdych
7‑6, 4‑6, 6‑0

THE MODERATOR:テつ Questions, please.

Q.テつ That was an excellent result against somebody that's right in the Race for London.テつ Has that been the sort of tennis you've been playing over the last few weeks?テつ Do you wish you'd been playing that a bit more of late?
GILLES SIMON:テつ Yes, I feel my tennis is coming back from the last I would say two months.テつ Had a good US Open also.テつ I'm finding a better rhythm.テつ I feel also physically stronger.テつ I have less injuries.テつ So, I mean, it's a bit easier to go on the court.
But still Tomas is a great player.テつ He's always hard to beat.テつ I think I almost played the perfect match today.テつ It was really tight for two sets.
I'm just happy that I won the fight.

Q.テつ When was the last time you defeated two top‑10 players in one tournament?
GILLES SIMON:テつ I don't know.テつ You will tell me.テつ Maybe never.テつ I don't know.テつ Maybe in Madrid 2008.テつ Maybe Madrid.

Q.テつ In Shenzhen I remember you lost in the first round.テつ In Tokyo and here you played better and better.テつ How do you find your form in Asia?
GILLES SIMON:テつ Well, I should have skipped Shenzhen.テつ I already pulled out from the Metz, the tournament before.テつ I pulled out last week.テつ I have to play this week.テつ Finally I was there and not ready to play, had a bad result.テつ But I was expecting it, I would say.
But then I had time to prepare for Tokyo.テつ It's a tournament that I lost every time first round there because I was always coming late.テつ This time I had time to prepare.テつ The conditions are quite similar here than in Tokyo.テつ I got lucky to save six match points on the first match.テつ Then I played better like every day.テつ Now I'm playing my best tennis.

Q.テつ Another test of your memory.テつ When was the last time you beat a top‑10 player 6‑0 in the deciding set?
GILLES SIMON:テつ Not sure it happened already.

Q.テつ Not sure it happened at all before?
GILLES SIMON:テつ I don't think so.テつ Maybe.テつ I don't remember if it happened.テつ I don't remember.

Q.テつ What was going on on court in that final set?テつ Do you think Tomas was tired or injured?テつ Did you just up your game?
GILLES SIMON:テつ I think already in the middle of the second set it started to be harder for him physically.テつ I felt I was playing better than him.テつ I have much more occasion, but unfortunately I didn't do it.テつ Then he played a great game to break me.
I felt a bit on top of him at this time of the match.テつ The first two games I could play good to get the break.テつ This passing shot was not easy to make.テつ Then I felt like more relaxed because I could see he was tired.テつ I was playing better from the baseline.テつ I was moving better.テつ I felt everything was harder on his side.

Q.テつ Another question about numbers.テつ Berdych has a very huge serve.テつ How did you manage to have 12 breakpoints?
GILLES SIMON:テつ Well, I really played a great match on the return.テつ Tomas was even better than usual on his serve also.テつ I had many occasions.テつ I think I had breakpoints in every game in the first set.テつ He always saved it with one more bomb coming on the line.テつ I never really had an occasion to break him.
I was just asking him to go for it every time, and it looks like he was just ready for it.テつ He still even played this off‑pace serve I would say at 4‑3 in the second set when I have the breakpoint.テつ It's the first time he served 177 on the line, bouncing there.
I felt he was playing good on every breakpoint.テつ But today I was moving good, and I was returning very well on his second serve.テつ I just wanted to show him that it will be hard every time, that he will have to work on every game.

Q.テつ Your recent form has been so good that you've been moving up the rankings, beating two top‑10 players this last week.テつ Is it a goal of yours to get back into the top 10?
GILLES SIMON:テつ Yeah, it's always a goal.テつ Right now the goal is to try to win this tournament.テつ I will just focus on this one.テつ To be in the top 10, I had a very complicated season.テつ I'm finding a better rhythm one more time.テつ I feel like it can always disappear so fast.テつ So I'm just trying to be an opportunist right now.テつ I'm feeling good right now, playing good tennis, and I just want to win this tournament.

Q.テつ Talking about goals for the end of the season.テつ I would imagine a great goal for you would be to get one of the single's places in the Davis Cup final.テつ Is that a possibility?
GILLES SIMON:テつ It's always a possibility.テつ But just to play the match is not the goal, the goal is to play it and to win it.
We have a very strong team as always.テつ All the guys did a fantastic job in the Davis Cup on the earlier rounds.
I just don't think about it that much right now.テつ I'm just enjoying playing good tennis again.テつ I will think about it a bit later.

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