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October 10, 2014

Buck Showalter


Kansas City – 8 (10 inn.)
Baltimore – 6

Q.  Everybody has been talking about how the Royals don't hit home runs, you guys don't steal bases.  And you see what happens tonight.  When you say this is how we play the games, because you don't know how it's going to turn out.
BUCK SHOWALTER:  Somewhat.  They've been hitting home runs lately.  It is what it is.  It's a good ballgame except the Orioles didn't win.  I'm sure it was entertaining.  I know it was a lot drier where you all were.  I'm glad it wasn't too bad for the fans.  But didn't like the way it ended.
A lot of good things, proud of how our guys battled back, the challenge, especially with Shields out there, strung some bats together and got back in it.  Some good things.  I won't forget those.

Q.  What was going on there in the ninth inning with Zach, do you think he was exhausted from the emotional week he's been through?
BUCK SHOWALTER:  Well, that would be convenient.  I don't know.  Sometimes ‑‑ he's had a great year for us, and didn't give up any runs tonight.  I look at it as half full.  Sometimes you want something too much.  Everybody is amped up.  It will be nice tomorrow to not have the introductions, are we going to play or not play, there's a lot of things going there.
I imagine him sitting around that bullpen for 17 hours, it seemed like, it was only about three.  No, he made a big pitch to Hosmer.  And Darren came in and gave us a big double play ball.  Had a lot of good things; Tommy, Gaus, Andrew.
I think we gave up 6, 7, 8 baserunners.  We hit a guy and walked six or seven.  That probably was ‑‑ presented a real challenge for us.

Q.  Is there any concern with Darren?  He pitched well in getting out of the jam.
BUCK SHOWALTER:  No, they're good hitters.  You get a ball there, Darren ‑‑ no concern after he got a big double play ball off a good hitter in Butler.  They're good hitters and they're good pitchers, and sometimes it doesn't work out.
That throw out everything good he's done in the previous inning, and really, for two or three seasons.  Those guys that all pitched tonight and played is the reason we're sitting here playing a seven‑game series for the American League Championship, and it will continue tomorrow.

Q.  O'Day obviously had excellent numbers against lefties all season.  Was there something specific with the way he paired up with Gordon?
BUCK SHOWALTER:  Darren just ‑‑ I didn't feel confident with Andrew facing a guy, why would you feel comfortable with Tillman facing a left‑hander in their lineup?  You've got good lineups this time of year.  You're just picking poison and hoping it works out for you.  Just like Ned does.
That's what's made our guys so effective, we've been able to spread the load around.  Everybody has had their success on both sides of the plate.  And that's unusual.  At that time in the game, too, your options aren't near what they were earlier.  A good thing tonight, we got a lot of work in for a guy who hadn't had a ball in their hand for four, five, six, seven days.  I'll take that as a somewhat positive.

Q.  What was your take on Tillman tonight?  And specifically, seemed like a really good pitch that Gordon fought off for that bases loaded double.
BUCK SHOWALTER:  Well, we had some fortunate things, too.  We had the hit by De Aza.  And Nick had a cutter he flared the other way.  That's what's so unfair sometimes, the game is not always fair, you make a real good pitch.
I think the strength factor of players at the Major League level.  Broke his bat.  He hit it in a good spot, and we did that some too.  You can't say it was one‑sided.
Tilly made a good pitch there, but a big, strong hitter put it in a place where we couldn't catch it.  He didn't exactly square it up.  I wish we could have handled the relay a little better, we could have gotten a cheap out there.

Q.  Did you announce Game 2 starter?
BUCK SHOWALTER:  Norris.  He was home by 11:30.  We kept him around like we might need him.  So Bud will pitch tomorrow.  He was trying to beat the traffic out.
I told him to check with me before he left.  I said, You can shower at home.  Just be standing by the door and beat the traffic out after the last pitch.
So Delmon and the guys in the 10th made him stay around a little longer.  It's supposed to rain until about 2:00 tomorrow.  So probably box BP again, but we should have better weather by 4:00.

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