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October 9, 2014

Felipe Aguilar


Q. テつFelipe, well played, didn't get off to the best start but 17 good, solid holes of golf?
FELIPE AGUILAR:テつ Yes, I did.テつ I started with a bogey.テつ It was rough at the beginning.テつ We had a lot of wind and rain at the beginning of round.テつ It was very difficult conditions, but as the day started and it got a little bit better, we were able to get a bit more aggressive and it felt better.

Q.テつ A nice run of birdies coming in on the back nine, as well.
FELIPE AGUILAR:テつ Yes, the back nine it's set up in a way that you can actually make a lot of birdies if you strike it in the fairways and you make a couple good putts.テつ It's very nice to finish that round, especially with the way the course is set up.テつ It's going to be fantastic to see a lot of birdies.

Q.テつ Looks like you had the worst of the weather; was it difficult to concentrate with the umbrellas and waterproofs?
FELIPE AGUILAR:テつ I kept my waterproof on pretty much all day because I knew the rain was on and off.テつ It was difficult.テつ When you start like that, you think the whole day is going to be like that, and so you figure it's going to be tough for everyone else.テつ The weather seems like it got a little better in the afternoon.テつ But this is Portugal, the humidity is quite high, so anything can happen.

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