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October 9, 2014

Chris Doak


Q.  Life's pretty good for you at the moment, isn't it, Chris?
CHRIS DOAK:  It's been a great couple weeks with the baby and obviously last week and continued on today.

Q.  You're looking very relaxed.  You talked about how much it putts things into perspective, but coming off that performance last week at the Dunhill, I remember talking to you, this position 12 months ago at the Portugal Masters, how nice is it coming into this week you've got it sewn up?
CHRIS DOAK:  It was great to play this week knowing that I've got a job next year, and then to shoot 6‑under, it's great.

Q.  Describe how you felt coming into this week after what happened at the Dunhill and also knowing how much you like this course, Top‑10 here last year?
CHRIS DOAK:  Yeah, good memories here last year.  It all kind of changed from last week.  Thinking about Race to Dubai now.  It's a good position to be in.

Q.  What are your aspirations with the position having altered and goal is Top 60, isn't it?
CHRIS DOAK:  It's just chasing the Top 60 and trying to get as high up as I can now, so the schedule kind of continues if you like‑‑ well, hopefully it does.

Q.  How tough was it out there, given the weather, we are used to seeing it nice and sunny.  Tricky out there with the waterproofs on and off?
CHRIS DOAK:  It was about 23 degrees difference from last week having waterproofs on.  Yeah, it was tricky, heavy showers, and yeah, waterproofs, clubs were wet.  It was tricky but started holing a few putts.

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