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October 9, 2014

Hunter Mahan


HUNTER MAHAN:  Yes and no.  I wish this event was another week away, just because having one week off, only one week, so still a little tired of the game in a sense that we've been grinding for it feels like five months.  But it's a challenge.  It's a challenge.  As players who play golf professionally, it's a big challenge and we have to adjust to that and get used to that and figure out how do we play our best golf under these circumstances.  This is such a pretty place, such a great event, and the people, the volunteers and Fry's do such a good job with the event, so I am glad that I'm here and get a chance to play this good golf course.

Q.  What was last week like as far as practice and stuff?  Was it clubs away most of the week?
HUNTER MAHAN:  Most of the week.  I went to the course a couple times.  I wanted to work on a couple things.  I felt like I built some momentum from the Ryder Cup.  I wanted to kind of keep it going a little bit and figure out if those feelings were right and stuff like that.  A couple three, four‑hour sessions last week to make sure all the feelings were good and I had some sort of plan coming into this week.

Q.  Was there much Ryder Cup talk out there between you guys?
HUNTER MAHAN:  A little bit, yeah, a little bit, having just experienced it and everything.  It was definitely a topic of conversation.  Not a lot but just a little bit.

Q.  Like what?  What was the best story?
HUNTER MAHAN:  The best story?  I think the best stories were just from hanging around Phil and him playing ping‑pong and just Phil being Phil.  No one loves the Ryder Cup and no one loves being a leader and taking guys under their wing.  He's just the best, and it was just fun always having him in there.

Q.  Is Phil and Kuch in table tennis a better partnership than Phil and Tiger on the golf course?  Never mind.  Kuch made a good reference going from Augusta to Hilton Head saying you go from playing in front of a million people to‑‑ what's that like?
HUNTER MAHAN:  It's pretty easy, I think.  This is the norm in that it's far from it, and I think it's so cool being over there because you make a putt or you hit a great shot, and it's like you hear a smattering of applause.  You hear some Americans going crazy, but you don't hear much other than that.  It's a little strange off the tee when no one is really out here at 7:45, and out there at 7:00 everyone is singing along and the party is already started.

Q.  Is it harder out here because it's so much colder and wet?
HUNTER MAHAN:  Yeah, it's an adjustment kind of throughout the day because of the weather, the temperature changes so much, and it's going to affect the ball.  I mean, I played Tuesday afternoon and the ball was just flying out there.  You play in the morning, probably up until about 1:30, 2:00, and it's playing long.  The ball is not carrying.  It's only 55, 60 degrees.  It feels great, though.  I don't hate it, that's for sure.

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