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October 8, 2014

Chuhan Wang


6‑0, 6‑4

THE MODERATOR:  Questions in Chinese, please.

Q.  Can you tell us a little bit about the difference you feel between yesterday and today.
CHUHAN WANG:  Mentally I don't feel different.  I feel the same.  I won yesterday and I lost today.  I feel the same.
I'm not feeling so excited today maybe because yesterday I was a bit tired.  Compared with yesterday, I'm not as excited as I was yesterday.

Q.  You said yesterday you had an international coach who has great international experience.  What strategy did he advise for you?
CHUHAN WANG:  He told me this person, he has good slice, he puts up a good defense.  But I'm not very excited.  I always want to score fast, so I was hitting very fast, I was trying to hit very hard.  That's why I made a lot of unforced errors.
Then my coach advised me to take it slow, and I got a little better.  I was always scared that if I play slowly, I will put myself into the defensive mode, will put me in a vulnerable spot.
Eventually the results proved that being fast is not going to work for me.

Q.  You said you like del Potro's style.  You look so much slimmer than him.  Will you work out more in the gym?
CHUHAN WANG:  Maybe in the future I will try to get stronger.  Actually, no matter how much I eat, I just won't gain weight.  I won't force myself into bigger weight, but I will still try.

Q.  For every exam there needs to be a grade.  For you, I this week, how will you summarize it?
CHUHAN WANG:  Indeed.  I feel very happy after this week.  For yesterday I feel totally very happy.  It makes me feel that I'm not so far away from the elite circle.

Q.  I'd like to ask what was your target at the beginning of the season?  And after yesterday's win, do you think you are getting any closer to the target you set for yourself?
CHUHAN WANG:  Well, the target I set at the beginning of this year is to make myself into the top 500.  Before the year began, I was at about 700 or 800.  I reached this target in the middle of this year, then gradually my coach set a target for me of trying to get into the top 260 or 300 so as to qualify for next year's Australian Open.
I hope that I will get into some futures or challengers to accumulate more points.  It seems now I've done a little better than that.

Q.  Now that you have a higher ranking than last year, will you have more expectations for next year?
CHUHAN WANG:  Of course, yes.  Even though I didn't win today, I will still look forward to next year's ranking.

Q.  Other than 45 ranking points, you earned some big bonus money.  It should be the most you earned.  Do you have any plans for it?
CHUHAN WANG:  I don't have much of a plan.

Q.  The executive chairman of the ATP in his press conference said some players stay within the local system too long, get too comfortable.  What do you think?
CHUHAN WANG:  If someone lost their motivation to win, that is because someone did not set a good target for himself.  If you really desire to become top 500, top 100, top 50, then you will never lose motivation to win.  At least that's my case.

Q.  We always find that some Chinese players could focus to win one or two matches, but you cannot win more than a couple times.  Why is that?  Do you think that's the biggest barrier stopping you from becoming a top 100 player?  Now there are two categories.  One is a professional team, the other is a paraprofessional team.  Sometimes I heard like the Beijing team sends you over to practice in Spain for a month once a year.  Do you like that arrangement?  Do you want to stay overseas?
CHUHAN WANG:  Well, it's the same case not just with Chinese players.  Some foreign players can also play very well in one match and they immediately lose other matches because we don't have much experience.  If you want to win consistently, it's very hard.  We're not at that level yet.
It's just that you constantly follow those top players who always win, but you don't pay attention to lots of people like us.

Q.  And about the paraprofessional team, can you tell us a little bit about the training support for you.  For example, what support are you entitled to in the Beijing team?  For example, how many months are you entitled to train overseas?
CHUHAN WANG:  Well, my plan is that during winter training, I will spend a significant period of time training in Spain because winter training requires some long duration of training, four to five weeks.  That's why I would choose to train overseas.
Other times I find that my coach designed arrangements very well for me.  I will just follow through with those plans.

Q.  How was your serve today?  Do you think maybe in the future serving will be your strong point?
CHUHAN WANG:  Today my serve was not as good as yesterday.  The first serve was not good at all.  That's just because of my excitement, I think.  When a person is excited, he or she could play better.
I don't have a high success rate in my first‑serve percentage.¬† I will work harder on making it strong and better in terms of angles and power.¬† For the men's tennis game, you must have a very powerful and strong serve, otherwise you can't organize your tactics well enough.¬† I will still consider my serve as my strongest weapon in my arsenal and I will focus on that in my training.
My serve speed is about 200 kilometers per hour, 190 kilometers per hour.¬† As long as I can make sure I have a high first‑serve percentage, it will be fine.

Q.  There is some feedback saying that Fognini hit you after you shook hands.  Do you think he deliberately did that?  You know him very well.
CHUHAN WANG:  I blocked his way.  He didn't hit me.  It should be him shaking hands with the referee first.  It wasn't intentional.  I just blocked his way.
In terms of his performance, I think his form wasn't as good as he used to be in the past.  That's why I was able to win.  I think he had more unforced errors than usual yesterday.

Q.¬† Previously we talked about Zhang Ze or Wu Di about the strength and energy level of a player.¬† It's about best‑of‑three or best‑of‑five.¬† If it's best‑of‑five, you consume a lot of energy.¬† For example, Kei has a good endurance.¬† He always wins in the fourth or fifth set.¬† How about you?¬† How do you look at your personal endurance?¬† Do you think you are well‑equipped to play best‑of‑five?
CHUHAN WANG:  I think in terms of energy and stamina, it comes from months and years of training.  It won't come immediately after one or two days of training.
I don't have much of a question or worry when it comes to my stamina.  If I keep training, working out, I know what my stamina is like.
I haven't played any best‑of‑five yet.¬† I don't know how it will turn out to be.¬† But during my course of training, I haven't found any problems.

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