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October 8, 2014

Justin Walters


Q.テつ Justin, back in Portugal, a place that must hold some pretty emotional memories for you?
JUSTIN WATERS:テつ Absolutely, yeah.テつ I watched a few videos of what I did last year, and actually this morning when I checked my tee time, I saw those highlights from day four last year, and I clicked on it and it really does get the emotions going.テつ I was under so much pressure on the course and then off‑course I was really struggling so much.
I was just happy to make contact sometimes the way I was feeling, and to do what I actually managed to achieve.テつ For me, quite astounding.

Q.テつ The mix of emotions that must have been going through your head, trying to focus on the game, must have been tremendously difficult for you?
JUSTIN WATERS:テつ Yeah, it wasn't easy.テつ I remember several times walking down some fairways actually wiping tears from my eyes.テつ I was thinking, okay, you're going to be sad, but you actually have to finish what you're doing here.テつ It was quite a tough experience but I think it was an experience that I wouldn't really wish on anyone, but it really made me feel much stronger.テつ I'm able to deal with a little more than I expected and I drew a lot of inspiration from it.

Q.テつ Looking forward to this week?
JUSTIN WATERS:テつ I am.テつ I was really hoping to come back here, not under similar circumstances in terms of the golf where I have to do something to keep my playing rights.テつ I was really hoping I could return and really live the moment, enjoy it and not expect the same of myself.テつ But that's the reality of the situation.
But I'm happy to be back on a course where I have great memories I can draw on.テつ Not many results leading up to this week have really helped me get that kind of feeling, so you definitely have to draw inspiration from somewhere and this is certainly a place for me to do that.

Q.テつ When you know you need a good performance to look further into the future, is there a tendency to over‑push things a little bit and try too hard?テつ Do you have to rein yourself back a bit?
JUSTIN WATERS:テつ Absolutely.テつ When you go by your team and everyone around you, they go, just do what you did last year.テつ Sure, no sweat.
The fact remains, you've got to hit a ball from A to B in the least amount of shots, regardless of what you have to do and what it means.テつ So I think the less you can take away from that and the more you can try and downplay it, I think it will be better.テつ Because if I go in there really adding to the pressure I already have, it's not going to help.
So I'm just trying to dial it back a little bit and kind of get into a similar frame of mind that I was last year in terms of not really caring what happened, which is difficult to do but I think it will be the better way to go.

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