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October 7, 2014

Chuhan Wang


7‑6, 6‑4

THE MODERATOR:  Questions, please.

Q.  Before this competition, did you have confidence?  How much confidence did you have?  Do you think you would have won and how did you prepare?
CHUHAN WANG:  In fact, before the competition I had some expectation of winning.  Well, to be honest, I wasn't that confident.
I did practice with him at the ATP 500 in Beijing.  I practiced with him two to three times so I think I knew a little bit about him.
My coach used to work in that circle of the ATP.  My coach basically knows a lot about Fognini, taught me about his techniques, told me how to beat him.  I basically executed well.

Q.  So you do have an international coach, is that right?  Could you say a little bit about this coach and what technique did your coach teach you?
CHUHAN WANG:¬† Well, he's seated right over there.¬† He used to be coaching Garcia‑L√≥pez.
What techniques did he teach me?  Can I not say that (smiling)?  He told me just to relax.

Q.  I heard that your coach has worked with you for a year and you've seen some significant improvement within that period.  Can you elaborate on what benefits he brought to you specifically?
CHUHAN WANG:¬† First of all, in terms of professional tennis tournaments, he's well‑versed compared with Chinese coaches.¬† He's well‑versed with the ATP.¬† He has been able to set practice between me and other top 100 players and some pretty fine players.¬† He's done a pretty good job arranging my practice schedule, making sure that I make constant improvement.
Like sometimes I practice pretty well, then for a week I don't practice well.  This doesn't happen under his watch.  He's been able to bring me closer to this small club of elite players.  Where I can't say I'm among this club of elite players, I think this coach brings me closer to that.

Q.  Based on our research, you were born in Dalian.  You live in Beijing.  Does this coach come from funding from the Beijing team, is that right?
CHUHAN WANG:  Yes.  This coach is hired by the Beijing team.  He's not coaching me alone exclusively.  He's also teaching another tennis player.
I got into the Beijing team because when I was in Dalian, I was not in the Dalian municipal team.  My previous coach was a previous professional tennis player.  This coach used to work in the Beijing team.  All my family members, they are now in Beijing.  That's why I eventually decided to move to Beijing.  It's more convenient.

Q.  China, the whole country, has been eagerly waiting to see the emergence of a top 100 male player.  Do you have a dream like that?
CHUHAN WANG:  Of course.  I don't think it's just a dream for me.  It's not just me.  Many other Chinese players can make it into the top 100, it's just that the time is not right yet.

Q.  It's the first time for you to compete in an ATP 1000 tournament.  Before that you played qualifications more.  Can you compare the differences?
CHUHAN WANG:  I've only played one match.  As for how different it is, I would say it's more competitive, it's more intense.  Every minute you see some intense action.
In some other matches I played before, you don't have that high intensity.  In such a tournament, it's not easy for you to quickly score a point, not like in other matches I played.

Q.  Have you ever seen such a big turnout of journalists before?
CHUHAN WANG:  Not before.  While in the past, when I was playing in some championships, I did meet some journalists, but not that many here like this evening, no.

Q.  Do you like the surface?
CHUHAN WANG:  I think the surface is okay.  It's not particularly fast.  I think the ball could bounce higher.  I'm relatively tall.

Q.  During the course of your growing up, is there one particular tennis player that has had a relatively big impact on you?
CHUHAN WANG:  Personally I'm a fan of Federer.  But the one I think I can get closer to is del Potro.  I think I'm closer to his style, or at least I aspire to get close to his style.

Q.  I think you have managed your pace well and you didn't have a big celebration after winning.  Does this show you are a calm person?
CHUHAN WANG:  Well, I'm just tired.  Between each point I have to catch my breath.
I exceeded my expectations.  I didn't know I would have won in two sets.  It was a bit outside of my expectations.  I didn't expect myself to win so quickly.

Q.  What do you know about your next opponent?
CHUHAN WANG:  I don't know particularly well my next opponent.

Q.  Were you nervous going into this match against such a top player?  How big is this win for you, for your career?
CHUHAN WANG:  Well, in fact, at first I was a bit nervous.  When I was practicing with him before, I found he's more fast paced than me and many others.
At first when I was just getting into the match, I didn't know what to expect.  Gradually I got calmer and I relaxed and I didn't feel that nervous later.

Q.  Describe how big this win is for your career.
CHUHAN WANG:  I think this match is going to contribute to the accumulation of my experience.  I do feel very happy after having won.  It will certainly help my ranking.
I think this match has really, most importantly, helped me get closer to this kind of feeling of competing with top 100 players.  Hopefully next time when I meet a top 100 player, I won't feel so nervous or feel that it's impossible to win.

Q.  I wanted to ask your opinion on what the Chinese men need to do specifically to improve the way the Chinese women have?  Is it more match experience against big players?  More coaches from other countries?  What do you think needs to happen?
CHUHAN WANG:  Personally I think mostly we lack experience in international competition because we don't have very high rankings.  That's why we have a shortage of opportunities to play international players.
Every time I have access, I value such an opportunity.  That got me very excited, but also very nervous.  Therefore, I would say lack of big competition experience would be critical for me.
In terms of coaches, I would say Chinese coaches are also good, yeah.

Q.¬† What is the highest‑ranked player you've been able to practice with on the ATP Tour?
CHUHAN WANG:  Fognini (smiling).

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